WWE News: Zack Ryder Shows How To Get Noticed as a Low Card Superstar

Ben Gartland@@AngryKCFanAnalyst IIJune 5, 2011

With any job, in order to get a promotion you have to impress the boss. It's no different for the WWE. While other things come into play, such as backstage politics, the main idea is making people, especially those in charge, notice you.

There is currently one wrestler (excuse me, entertainer) who realized he needed to step it up in order to gain notice from the top tiers of the WWE and the IWC: Zack Ryder.

Starting off pretty high up the scale in the now defunct ECW, Ryder made a name for himself, especially amongst the IWC, with his wrestling abilities and well-done promos. Unfortunately, the end of ECW also meant the end of Ryder's chance to shine.

Since then, he has been wrestling matches on "Superstars" with barely any time on Raw, other than being called a tool by Edge.

While his wrestling abilities were obviously excellent, Ryder realized that in order for him to succeed in this business, he needs to be able to entertain as well. So what did he do?

He kicked it up a notch.

Not being able to show his talents on Raw, he took to the next best thing: the Internet.

A series of very comical YouTube videos has made Ryder even more popular with the IWC and has gained him notice from the creative team. Realizing that he possesses the ability to produce comical, yet well-done promos, Ryder has now gotten himself some time on the "A" show.

Albeit only backstage segments that are about a minute long. it's better than nothing. Another thing is that they're with none other then the face of the company, John Cena.

Being involved somehow with John Cena will automatically get you noticed among the audience members. Once you get noticed by the audience members, then you tend to get pushed, which leads to the conclusion that Zack Ryder is doing what it takes to make himself successful.

Only time will tell if this experiment by Ryder will show to be truly successful, but he is putting himself on the fast track to success. He realizes that a changing of the guard for the WWE is occurring, so he is seizing the opportunity to be part of the new generation of main event superstars.

Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself; after all he is only doing some short backstage segments on Raw. But that's more than what he was doing. And he's showing the fans and the WWE management that he can be a good entertainer. After all, wrestling abilities only get you so far in the business.

Take a look at the Usos, for example. They have great wrestling talents, but that's all they have. They don't have very good mic skills, and they aren't very entertaining. While they are the only really true tag team in the WWE right now, they are still being relegated to matches on Superstars.

Some wrestlers got lucky and were immediately put into the main event or upper mid-card status upon arrival. Alberto Del Rio, for example, had made a name for himself already, so he didn't have to work so hard when he got to the WWE. Another example is Wade Barrett, who was given the burden of the feud of the summer on his shoulders straight out of NXT. He performed brilliantly, but that's because he was given a chance at the top.

With the exception of one ECW title match, Ryder was never given his chance at the top. He had to work for his spot in the backstage segments. Yet now he is starting to get noticed.

Ryder needs to be the example to all the people entering the business as a low-carder. He hasn't gotten the success quite yet, but he is taking his own fate into his own hands. There is a plethora of amazing talent waiting in the lower levels of the roster. If they want to be noticed, they need to give what the fans want. And the fans want more than just wrestling ability.

They want entertainment! That's why this business is called sports entertainment! So too all the new superstars waiting for their chance, you cannot wait. You have to take your chance by force and show off the talents you possess!

Zack Ryder is doing that, and he's putting himself on the fast track. Will he make it to the big time? Who knows, but at least he is getting noticed, and that's what this business is all about.

WOO WOO WOO, You know it.