Tyler Matzek and Other Decent Players That Will Be Dealt at the Deadline

Jed PContributor IIIJune 5, 2011

Tyler Matzek and Other Decent Players That Will Be Dealt at the Deadline

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    As the MLB trade deadline nears there will be many trade speculations around the MLB
    As the MLB trade deadline nears there will be many trade speculations around the MLBNick Laham/Getty Images

    The MLB hot stove is finally heating up, with the deadline only two months away. 

    Trades will occur: blockbusters, minor deals, player swaps and more.

    In this slide show, you will read about some players who have a large chance of getting traded. You will also see possible trades, why the player will be dealt and additional information of 11 possible players to be dealt at the deadline. 

    The hot stove is also heating up because of the draft on Monday, and which players can be dealt for draft picks.

Vladimir Guerrero, Baltimore Orioles

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    Vladimir Guerrero is a prime candidate to be traded at the deadline
    Vladimir Guerrero is a prime candidate to be traded at the deadline

    The Orioles started off the season red hot. Currently they are in last place. The Orioles won't let this keep up, and therefore there will be multiple trades in place.

    The Orioles have a few options. The Orioles can trade some old player despite their young team and officially start rebuilding. 

    Vladimir Guerrero is a prime candidate. He is old, decent price and a good designated hitter batting close to .300. Guerrero can probably still play outfield with his age not affecting him so much yet. Guerrero could be dealt for a good prospect or a young piece in the outfield such as B.J Upton from the Rays

B.J Upton, Tampa Bay Rays

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    Could Rays' center fielder be dealt to the Nationals?
    Could Rays' center fielder be dealt to the Nationals?

    B.J Upton is currently slumping with only a .230 batting average. This could make him a prime candidate for a trade.

    A few teams are already eyeing the Rays outfielder. For the Nationals, who are looking for a outfielder, Upton could be a good piece. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo believes a change of scenery will improve Uptons' abilities.

    Nationals have been scouting Upton for a long time, but couldn't receive him yet. Now that he's slumping, he could go in their hands.

    Upton still has a large possibility of not getting dealt as the Rays are contending in the tight American League East, and a trade could be to risky at the moment. Though Nationals are reportedly willing to overpay for a decent center fielder, and if they overpay, the Rays will probably listen.

Jose Reyes, New York Mets

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    Can Reyes go to the Giants?
    Can Reyes go to the Giants?

    Jose Reyes is an obvious candidate to be dealt near the deadline. The Mets aren't playoff contenders as of yet, so what can it hurt to deal him. He's expensive, and Reyes will likely not want to go back to Queens in the coming offseason.

    The Giants are the most probable candidate. The Giants have pitchers to give, which will interest the Mets. With Miguel Tejada on and off injuries, and inexperienced Brandon Crawford currently slumping, an obvious trade could be in the works. 

    The Mets will probably inquire about Jonathan Sanchez because he's a candidate to be flipped by the Mets. Mets could also inquire about youngster Madison Bumgarner, whose contract expires in the 2016 offseason and could be a long term option for the Mets. 

    Reyes is arguably a top short stop who is batting well over .300 and is a speedy and defensive player. 

    This means the Giants will have to pay top dollar for Reyes, which can even be Brandon Belt who is doing amazing in the MLB, or it can be Zack Wheeler—a Giants top prospect. Wheeler is a good, young starter who can bring youth to the Mets' organization. 

Nick Swisher Together with Jorge Posada, New York Yankees

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    Nick Swisher is a candidate to be dealt at the deadline.
    Nick Swisher is a candidate to be dealt at the deadline.

    Nick Swisher is slumping in the first half of the season. Posada too is slumping, and he even requested a trade as he got upset with the Yankees organization recently. 

    The Yankees will be looking for a pitcher, with Phil Hughes out and trouble everywhere besides Yankees ace CC Sabathia.

    The Yankees could try for struggling John Danks, who started with a horrific 0-8 record with a five plus earned run average. He will most likely be dealt, or another White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle, who is expensive and could also be dealt.

    The Yankees can go for an outfielder to replace Swisher such as Carlos Beltran. Beltran isn't having a terrible season, but he is costing a whopping $21 million. Even Fred Wilpon admits they over payed him and the deal was a mistake. 

David Wright and Carlos Beltran, New York Mets

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    Can both Wright and Beltran be dealt?
    Can both Wright and Beltran be dealt?

    The Mets outfielder is extremely expensive, and even the manager said his contract was a mistake. He is getting payed up to $21 million per year.

    Beltran will probably go to a team who are contenders in the playoff race. He is a nice emotional guy who can hit the ball. Let's just say to a team with money to spare he would be a terrific addition.

    Practically anyone can be dealt from the Mets. Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes are almost certainly on the trading block, and David Wright can start worrying too. 

    David Wright told the media he is worried of being traded, but he doesn't want to. Wright has always been a Met and grew up a Mets fan.

    David Wright and Carlos Beltran both were in the 15 most overvalued players list according to Sports Illustrated. This means the Mets can deal them for a high price, and the Mets will most likely consider trading both of them.

Kosuke Fukudome, Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood, Chicago Cubs

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    Kosuke Fukudome was an obvious disappointment as he signed a $48 million dollar deal with the Cubs. This year he is getting paid $14.5 million dollars.

    He came over from Japan to be a star in the MLB and was a simple bust to the Cubs organization.

    Fukudome is starting to heat up as of now, but it isn't helping the Cubs much.

    Kerry Wood is another candidate to be traded. Wood was recently threatened to be waived. He can easily be traded, as he is a decent reliever and very cheap. 

    Ryan Dempster is yet another candidate. He is slumping and has the confidence and the strength to be a decent number three or two starter. The Yankees have reportedly eyed Dempster as the Yankees don't have worries with cap and Dempsters' expensive contract.

    The Cubs really have nothing to lose as they are also probably not contending in the playoffs race.

Jason Marquis, Washington Nationals

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    Could Jason Marquis be bound to getting dealt to the RedSox?
    Could Jason Marquis be bound to getting dealt to the RedSox?

    Jason Marquis, the 32-year-old starting pitcher for the Nationals has been eyed, and according to sources in the Nationals organization, he is on the block. 

    The Red Sox have reportedly showed some interest in him. They can be working out a deal involving Jason Marquis and Josh Reddick swap. 

    It is also possible the Red Sox can have a deal with Marquis and Wakefield, as the Sox are probably going to deal the old starter. As of now Reddick is the main choice, but the Red Sox can back out of dealing a young outfielder.

Tyler Matzek out of the Rockies

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              It's obvious that the Rockies need a pitcher and a young prospect is a good piece to give up. Tyler Matzek, who is currently a 20 year old top 25 prospect according to ESPN is showing to be dominant in the minors and could be traded for a good piece.

    So why are Rockies needing a starting pitcher?.

    With Jorge De La Rosa currently injured they are forced to start rookie Juan Nicasio. Nicasio is decent but not so much starter material.

    There's also Ubaldo Jimenez, who can also be dealt. Ubaldo Jimenez is slumping lately and it's showing that this year is a fluke. Ubaldo Jimenez, and Tyler Matzek can possibly paired up to get a real ace, ushc as Derek Lowe, or Tim Hudson.

    How about Aaron Cook, Chacin, and Hammels?

    Chacin is a young starter and always has a risk of decreasing his current potential. Cook is aging and has injury risk and Hammels is just not dominant and also has a slight injury risk.