UFC TUF 13 Ultimate Finale Results: Does Clay Guida Deserve a Title Shot?

Brian GoldsmithContributor IIINovember 8, 2016

Fan favorite Clay Guida defeated former WEC lightweight champion Anthony Showtime Pettis by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Ultimate Finale. Pettis was guaranteed a title shot versus the Frankie Edgar–Gray Maynard winner. That fight went to a draw, so Pettis chose to fight Guida.

In the meantime, the rematch between the champion, Edgar, and Maynard was postponed due to injury to both fighters. If Pettis won tonight, in any fashion, he would’ve certainly be granted a title shot.

Instead, Clay Guida won every round on his way to a unanimous decision victory, that, in all honesty, was not nearly as close as what most experts thought it would be. Guida dominated all three rounds with his wrestling.

He did exactly what he wanted to do. He turned it in to an ugly, scrambling wrestling match, and the former WEC lightweight champ did not have much of an answer for it. Pettis, who is extremely skilled off of his back, came close to catching Guida a couple of times, but just did not seem to match Guida’s intensity throughout the fight.

So, does this mean Guida now deserves the shot against the Edgar–Maynard winner? If you beat the No. 1 contender, you’re the man, right? Yeah, that’s the way it should work, but there are so many questions in UFC’s lightweight division.

First of all, when is the Edgar–Maynard fight going to take place? Rumor has it that Edgar’s back is in pretty bad shape.

Second question: when will the Strikeforce lightweight champ, and, by most accounts, the No. 3 lightweight in the world, Gilbert Melendez, make his most anticipated UFC debut? You have got to think that debut would come against the UFC’s lightweight champ. And what about Jim Miller? Miller has won seven fights in a row in the UFC. Doesn’t he deserve a title shot?

It all comes down to when Edgar and Maynard fight. For now, why can’t we see a title eliminator fight between Jim Miller and Clay Guida? Who knows when Melendez will make his way over the the UFC?

At the same time, as of today, who knows when Edgar and Maynard will fight? The fight that makes sense now is a title eliminator fight between Jim Miller and Clay Guida, and I would love to see it.