WWE: Leading Men in Line To Be Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IJune 5, 2011

WWE: Leading Men in Line To Be Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent

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    Assuming that the IWC is correct in posting all over that the upcoming event in Miami will be the final time for the Undertaker, WWE would be wise to put a lot of thought into what to do and who to work Undertaker with.

    There has been some speculation about this already, so let us set a precedent or two before our slideshow. First, regardless of who comes out the opponent, there is absolutely ZERO chance of the Undertaker losing and giving up his streak. It is undisputedly the best streak and record in all of sports entertainment ever. And regardless of who his opponent is, the match will not be anything short of an absolute five-star classic.

    His match with HHH was undisputedly the glue that brought the last show together and his last two with Shawn Michaels were instant classics as well. 

Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar
    Brock Lesnar

    9.  Brock Lesnar 

     This is a tremendous opportunity for business, however the least likely to happen.

    It is clear from Undertaker appearing at Lesnar's last UFC event that there is bad blood between the two men, and if Brock were to be brought back at the Royal Rumble, it would be in a promo job followed by a couple beat downs on the weekly shows. It would be very believable to build up a great match if Undertaker returned round Elimination Chamber time.

    To appease Dana White, Brock would not need to compete in any other matches than Wrestlemania. White would be the biggest barrier to making this match happen, But Lesnar would have a very hard time turning this match down. Undertaker would be on board easily because the two have worked very well together in the past.


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    8. Sting

    This match is a long shot also, but it is more likely than Brock Lesnar. What could make this is the fact if Sting wanted to make this happen, there would be nothing Impact wrestling ( formerly TNA) could do to stop it.

    WWE could pay any sum to buy out and acquire the services of Sting even if on a temporary basis. There is also another angle for Sting as the Hall of fame looms in his sights. He would be in line regardless of whether he signs and works for WWE or not. But he probably would not be inducted until after he is dead. Coming to WWE to work with Undertaker would be very intriguing. This match would be dependent on the Undertaker wanting this; one cannot imagine if Sting was to be contacted personally by the Undertaker, and Undertaker communicated to him that he wanted to work with Sting in his final Wrestlemania.

    One would assume Sting finally making the jump. Sting nearly came over last year, it was very interesting to see how short the promo time was for Orton/Punk, Egde/DelRio and Cena/Miz due to the 2/21/11 promos.  WWE had to delay the promos and making the matches official because of the need to hold out  the major baby faces if one or more of them needed to be able to work with Sting or Undertaker. 

John Cena

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    7. John Cena

     While one is probably very surprised at this (considering this man's WreslteMania match is already made with the Rock), this angle should have been considered a lot harder than evidently it was. 

    Cena is one of the few major baby faces who has not had opportunity to challenge the streak. Along with the other three of his generation group of superstars (Batista, Randy Orton, Edge), Cena has seen tremendous success as a baby face among them even emerging with a strong case to be the best of the group. He is the only one in the above group not to get opportunity at the streak. Considering it was the last opportunity, there is still time to bump up the Rock match to SummerSlam.

Vince Mcmahon

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    6. Vince McMahon

    WrestleMania is Mr. McMahon's favorite event, especially in terms of his willingness to lace up his sneaks. Vince Mcmahon has history with the Undertaker, whether siding with Undertaker at times due to mutual hatred for Stone Cold Steve Austin (Hmm, that could be a name to expect later) or Undetaker's many times of menacing Mr. McMahon. (One of Taker's Wrestlemania victims is Boss man who was a stand-in for Vince as his bodyguard).

     A consistant theme in Vince McMahons entire career is a rash confidence to be able to do the impossible. He promised to retire Hulk Hogan, he had huge plans to decimate a hurt Bret Hart before the contract signing with Stone Cold and he learned Hart was healthy. If Taker was to return to Raw for a one-night promo and announce that he would be in his final defense of the streak, Mr. McMahon would not be above feeling very enticed to say the very least. 

Alberto Del Rio

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    5. Alberto Del-Rio

     Like it or hate it, this man's instant success is almost unparalleled; the only other man I know who was pushed faster that I can think of was Brock Lesnar, as he became World Champion almost before anyone knew his name.

    Del Rio is just plain brash; his confidence is just oozing in literally everything he has done in his career. For the most part, he has backed up a lot of his talk and hype. He spoke for months beforehand that he would win the Royal Rumble, and he did, while failing to become champion, that is only a matter of time.

    To bring things around to Undertaker, Del Rio made a statement about himself being the man to break the streak quickly after WrestleMania 27; I hope to all that WWE does not do this, Undertaker can do better, and I highly doubt Del Rio would make his top three for his last opponent ot Wrestlemania. Del-Rio would be capable of some compelling promos tho.

Chris Jericho

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    4. Chris Jericho

     Jericho, I feel, must make this list because he is similar to Cena as he is just one of a very short list of candidates who have not previously had a shot at the streak. He beat Undertaker in the Elimination Chamber two years ago with the help of Shawn Michaels, and he has not done a lot of work with Undertaker, but he is on that level.

    Jericho is soooooo reminiscent of his former protege Wade Barrett it is amazing.  However, he has the wrestling to back up his tremendous mic skills. One angle that cannot be taken is the same one HHH took last year as he followed Taker in on 2/21/11 just for that challenge, I don't think Jericho can do that. I believe he would need some work that included substantial winning at least around Survivor Series time or before to make this compelling. 


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    3. HHH

    What a lot of people are assuming at least for now is going to go down. The rematch from last year does make sense form a couple angles, but not as much as one would think. One cannot argue that at a couple points in the WrestleMania 27 bout, it was the Games to lose thus ending the streak at a couple points. Jerry Lawler said a few times in talk about it beforehand that he believed the streak was never in more jeopardy.

    HHH has been the closest and biggest threat to the streak to this point. However, as the Game reminded us the night after WrestleMania 27, he had faced Undertaker before at WrestleMania, this would be HHH's third opportunity at the streak which is crazy. HBK and Kane are the only two men who had two shots, and as I previously mentioned, guys like Cena and Jericho haven't even had one. It will probably happen and be great like last year, but I am hoping not. 


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    2. Kane

     Just like HHH, I know this would be Kane's third opportunity, but he would have to be in line before HHH. He is Undertaker's brother, and the two always put great work on when they go to the dance with each other. I hope, personally, that Kane gets a World Championship run on SmackDown very soon. He became very believable as champion before Edge returned to SmackDown from Raw. And with no Big Show, he is one of the best on the show currently.

    Working with his brother would let Kane hold over the last feud the two had, in which Kane was World Champion, and he dominated the feud for a few months on SmackDown ending in a match where Kane buried Undertaker alive. It would be a perfect feud for Undertaker's new favorite theme music, "there ain't no grave can hold my body down." 

Stone Cold Steve Austin (HIAC!!)

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    1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

     In the immortalized words "HELL YEAH!!" Is it just me or is the Tough Enough host keeping himself in tremendous shape? I personally believe whether this match with Undertaker happens or not, WWE needs to put this man on the next WrestleMania card, potentially a Rattlesnake vs. Viper match with Randy Orton. 

    I have Stone Cold as the front runner to take the last stab at the streak. These two main evented with each other most of the attitude era and all were classic. They had had great matches like first blood and buried alive, they have done a ton of pay-per-views like Summerslam, Backlash and Judgment Day.

    One forum that has not happened yet is WrestleMania, what kind of match would one ask for? Undertaker's specialty that he has also not done with Austin yet,  Hell in a Cell. The end, HHH has said before HIAC marks the end, end of feuds and of careers, and in this instance, the end of chances to break the streak. WWE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!


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    And please bring Taker's Lovely wife Michelle McCool back to work ASAP!!

    Enjoy/Comment, who did I forget??