5 Things I Want to See in WWE 12

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IJune 5, 2011

5 Things I Want to See in WWE 12

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    Hey Bleachers, if your like me then you enjoy the WWE games. Well, THQ is no longer doing SmackDown vs. Raw and said they are starting fresh.

    I have thought of five things I would like to have in the next game. If even one of these things were going to be put into the game it would probably be better than any of the latest WWE games. So with that being said, let's begin.

5. The "I Quit" Match Type

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    I cannot tell you how badly that I would love to have this match type added to the game. The last (and I think only time) that I saw this match type in a WWE game was in WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth! which was released in 2003.

    I believe it's time for me and other fans of these games to make people say "I Quit" and besides, THQ has added the Inferno Match and they had fulfilled your fantasy with the Buried Alive Match so they could easily add this one.

4. More People in the Royal Rumble Match

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    Count how many people you see in that photo, I see 12.

    Right now, THQ only puts half that many superstars in the ring. I feel as if there should be action going on everywhere in the ring, I hardly ever lose this match because I can just stand in the corner the whole time if I'm about to lose.

    We need action going on everywhere! I would say 10 guys would be enough in the ring.

    I also understand though that the ring might not be big enough for players to have enough room to actually do moves. I remember in the old games where if there was something in the way it would just somehow slide across the ring.

    To solve this they should also let you out of the ring, if, of course by Royal Rumble rules, you go through the ropes and not over them.

3. Fighting in the Crowd and the Ability to Fight Backstage

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    Let me take you back to WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007, in this game, as shown in the picture, there was a section where you could fight close to the crowd.

    Now, let's back up even further to WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain! This was the last game of the series where we could go from the ring, to the locker rooms, to the boiler rooms and even to the streets and parking lots.

    If THQ could do this in the older games they should easily be able to bring it back in the new game.

2. Bring Back GM and Season Mode, and Bring in New Gametypes That Involve Legends

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    Alright, look at the photo, it is called Road To WrestleMania mode, this was introduced in SvR 2009.

    I like the mode, but I preferred the old story mode that went on forever and other modes such as the General Manager mode. I'm not saying RTWM is bad, but we need to be able to pick whatever superstar we want!

1. A Larger Legends Roster

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    Who here remembers the roster for Legends of WrestleMania, it was pretty huge. In this new game we need loads of Legends. While the games never worked on their own, having them added to a game with modern superstars would be great.

    THQ could easily make a whole new mode to these games. Does anybody remember SvR '06? There was a storyline called the WWE Legends Tour, the set up would be easy. McMahon tells the WWE locker room that a select few up-and-coming stars will get to go on a tour with some of the all-time greats.

    I think if THQ did a game mode like this they could easily sell this as the greatest wrestling game of all-time.

    And if we're going old school with Legends then we should bring all the old-school elements back such as the ring, referee outfits and the cage (God, I miss the blue cage).

    I'm sure that there wouldn't be much issue with anything except for people in TNA like Hogan, but hey, we got him for All-Stars, whose to say we can't get him on another game.


    The following is my Legends wish list for this game:


    Hulk Hogan

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage

    The Ultimate Warrior

    Shawn Michaels

    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

    The Rock

    Ric Flair

    Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat


    Jimmy Snuka

    George Steele

    Roddy "Rowdy" Piper

    Andre the Giant

    The Undertaker

    Triple H

    Kane (with mask)

    Bret Hart

    Owen Hart


    King Kong Bundy

    The British Bulldog

    Ted DiBiase

    Dusty Rhodes

    Greg Valentine

    Honkey Tonk Man

    Gorgeous George

    Mae Young

    Abdulla the Butcher

    Fabulous Moolah

    Sgt. Slaughter


    Razor Ramon

    Jimmy Hart

    Paul Bearer

    Mr. Fuji