How I follow sports without cable

Mel ToliaoCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008
For the past few months (since mid-July), I've been without cable. The way I justified that is that I'm internet savvy enough to get all the television that I regularly enjoy through cable TV on the internet. And I've thus far been successful in that. Lots of networks stream their shows online and there have been other, less reputable ways which I've gotten television over the internet as well. I also have friends and relatives that buy TV on DVD which they let me borrow which is awesome.
Of course, this doesn't account for sports coverage. I do not have access to any cable sports network aside from CSC, but it's a fictional network that existed 10 years ago. So what of following sports over the internet? Well it's incredibly easy.
No cable means that I can grab all major Canadian broadcast networks like the CBC, CTV, Global and CityTV. I've been able to still catch Hockey Night in Canada as well as a couple of games of football on Sundays, although, I have no means of getting Thursday, Sunday or Monday night games. Also, until February '09 when the US stops all over the air broadcasting (or something like that), I can get Fox, which means the NLDS and the World Series (but no ALCS, damn Ted Turner and TBS). I can still get my hands on enough live sporting events to keep me sane without cable.
The hardest part of this whole experience is not having access to a highlight show like SportsCentre. I need to know what's going in the sports world, especially since probably 90% of the sporting events are not available to me on TV. Let the record also show that although I do appreciate The Score's highlight coverage (and not just because Sid Sexeiro went to my old High School), because they're genuinely great at what they do, I highly prefer SportCentre on TSN. - I want nothing to do with Sportsnet Connected - In fact, if the basic cable package came with TSN instead of Sportsnet, I'd have basic cable right now.
I digress though. I can go to individual team and league sites to get highlights, but that can get somewhat tedious, espeically since highlight packages on some sites can run as long as 8 minutes. This is why I go to is by far the reason I haven't had to buy cable yet and still afford frivilous things like groceries. I can head to the site in the morning and turn on their video player. It's just like the "morning loop," it's great. I can also pick and choose which highlights I want to watch and the order. The one problem is that they don't show any on air talent, so I don't get to see Jennifer Hedger.
The other great thing about They stream live games every now and then. I got to watch the Oilers / Ducks game on Wednesday night and was able to have this following exchange with my girlfriend:
Me: That's right pussyboy (Pronger)! Get in the box
Her: Who are they playing
Me: Didn't you hear me? The pussyboys.
Of course if you missed the game, they are all there on for replay.