2011 NBA Finals: Dirk Nowitzki Takes on Miami's Big Three

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIJune 4, 2011

2011 NBA Finals: Dirk Nowitzki Takes on Miami's Big Three

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    Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks got what they wanted in the first two games of the 2011 NBA Finals. The Mavs are heading back to Dallas after splitting the first two games on the road.

    Dallas has now stolen home-court advantage away from the Heat, and a big thanks should go out to Nowitzki, who had the game-winning shot in Game 2.

    The series, and the momentum, now shifts into Dallas' favor. This may finally be the breaking point for Dallas and it may be the end for a historic Miami title run.

    Here are some reasons why Dirk and the Mavs finish the job.

Chris Bosh Is Not Playing the Part

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    As first glance, Chris Bosh's stat line might seem good through two games. He has scored 19 and 12 points in the Finals' first two games. However, Bosh has made just nine of 34 from the field. That is a measly 26.5 percent for one of Miami's Big Three.

    If the Heat want any chance of a title, Chris Bosh is going to have to live up to his name.

Dallas Is America's Team

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    I think Americans, for the most part, are rooting for Dallas to win the Championship. No one liked how LeBron James carried himself and handled the whole offseason "Decision."

    When Miami comes to Dallas for three games, the fans will be all over the Big Three. The Mavs are 7-1 at home this postseason so it will be tough for Miami to steal two games in Dallas. It will ultimately come down to Miami finishing the job in Game 6 or 7.

Miami Has No Bench

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    While Miami's bench is not the biggest concern for the Heat, it has still got to be in the back of the players' minds. If one or two of the Big Three get in foul trouble, the Heat bench will be exposed and Dallas will just overpower them.

    Miami's bench has been outscored 28-40 in the first two games. While that does not seem like much, it proves that Dallas is just the deeper team. It should help them in the grueling grind of a long six or seven game series.

Miami Is Inconsistent

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    Miami was up 15 points with less than eight minuted to play. Game over, right? Dallas proved once again that Miami can be inconsistent and lose focus.

    Miami has been playing sporadic for most of the season. They score 40 points in one quarter and then fall asleep the next. I guess that is the benefit and the pleasure of having one of three superstars taking over a quarter.

Dallas Has the "Bigger Three"

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    The Mavericks might not have three overpowering superstars, but they have six or seven great players.

    Dallas' starting lineup, from top to bottom, is probably one of the best in the league. There really is no weakness in the starting five. On the bench, the Mavs have one of the best scorers in Jason Terry as their sixth man. Stojakovic and Barea bring a spark and an edge off the bench too.

    I'd take the "Medium Seven" over the "Big Three" in this series.