Arsenal 5 - Fenerbache 2, shite defending and commentary to match

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Arsenal 5 - Fenerbache 2, shite defending and commentary to match
Greetings Gooners, quite a washout it was then yesterday huh? What with seven goals being scored,and all that. A win at Istanbul against the Fenerbache is definitely something to savour, and we will.

We set up with 5 in midfield, with Ade the lone man up front. The back four consisted of a central pairing of Song and Silvestre, while Eboue (thankfully) slotted into right back, and not midfield. It was good strategy by Le Boss to strengthen the midfield and it did pay dividends.We settled pretty early on in the piece. Fabregas setting Ade on his was for the opener after some nifty footwork by Diaby. The second came literally seconds after when Theo was sent bounding down the right by our young Spanish maestro, to slot home. 2-0 Arsenal, and really it was just what we wanted to shut up the home fans. Easy -peasy, really. If we thought our defence was shite then we have to be thankful we don't have Fenerbache's.

Feberbache though were not completely on the backfoot, some solid goalkeeping by captain on the night, Almunia ensured that our 2 goal advantage was preserved. Our defences, however were breached when Guiza's shot was deflected past a hapless Almunia, and you were thinking hmmm. But we were back in it, this time Diaby made a run down the left and whacked it home with aplomb. 3-1 , to the away team, but we were always under pressure with our slack defending. It was very nervy at times.

We scored early in the second through Song and at 4-1 we were cruising. You'd have to think it would have to be some sort of out break of the Ebola virus at the back to let this game slip. We controlled most of the possesion in the second period, but we were in dangerof conceding at times when we played a high line, and one such time we were caught by Guiza and paid the price. But we were no real danger of losing the game even at this stage. The cherry on top moment was when young Aaron Ramsey made it 5 for us when he scored in the closing minutes. 5-2 and that's that! A full match report is here.

A fine win, especially with the record that the Turkish team have at home. But that said the defending left a lot to be desired. It was really nerve-racking at times. And you really wonder if we would survive with a performance like this against stronger opposition. In a way it was the same old Arsenal , brilliant going forward, but not so great at the back. I know it was this back fours first time out, but we need to sort out the defensive frailities now.

Besides that I think Diaby had a fine game, the 5 man midfield suited us well and Almunia was worth his weight in gold at times. And Cescy was beginning to find the form we all know him for and Theo was dazzling again with hi9s pace and movement. 7 points, that gives us. and top of the table. We play Fenerbache in the reverse fixture at Ashburton Grove in two weeks time. Our next 2 matches are London Derbies - an away trip to West Ham and then the Shite come a visiting. Should be a real cracker, what with them being the bottom dwellers we always knew they were. Ha!

The commentary on Zee Sports yesterday was horrendous! Absolute rubbish it was , worse than the Fenerbache defense. Sub-standard nonsense and we also get step-motherly treatment by the networks in India. The Manure and Chelski games always, always get prominence over ours. They even have the original commentary, but we had to settle for some leftover drivel by some nincompoop, who kept seeing RVP on the pitch every time Cescy or Nasri was on the ball. It was just a joke. The commentary added nothing to the game, he had no extra information to add to that which we could not see or decipher for ourselves. And will leave it there not going to waste anymore spittle on that. I'm never envious of Manure or Chelski fans, but this time I am. Heck, no way just kidding you! Never jealous of that lot, no way!

I'm in a real hurry so will resort to linking you to Arsene's post match comments, what Ade and Almunia had to say.

And that will have to do for now. 5 goals scored, 2 let in. A big win but our defence is just not the most assured. It's hard not to be pleased after a win like this, but we definitely need to work out our defense. That's something Arsene can think about while he celebrates our win and his 59th birthday.

Happy birthday Arsene!

and im outy!

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