MTV Movie Awards 2011: Winners, Red Carpet and More

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MTV Movie Awards 2011: Winners, Red Carpet and More
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MTV Movie Awards 2011: Winners, Red Carpet and More

The MTV movie awards—at the very least the second best awards show put on by the network each year—will be kicking off at 9:00 ET this Sunday, and as per usual, your humble correspondent will have a front row seat. (Albeit not to the movie awards. I just bought a front row seat so I could consistently say that.)

Even better, your HC will not be working alone. This thread will be co-hosted by Colin Ward-Henninger—professional journalist slash collegiate baseball player slash B/R superstar—and we’ll both be following the show as it unfolds, updating from now until Monday morning.

The ceremony (ceremony?) will be hosted by Jason Sudeikis—SNL actor slash collegiate basketball player slash potato chip enthusiast (seriously, take five minutes and watch that linked sketch)—who is both hysterically funny and, as far as I can tell, an awards show neophyte.

Which means I think that he’ll bring it.

There aren’t many awards shows that are more irreverent, more fun, or more diversely attended than this one…and thus I literally have no idea what to be looking for.

I think that’s good, but even if it’s not, I promise you we’ll keep this more than interesting on our end.

I live in Los Angeles and thus consider each awards show an opportunity to steal back Natalie Portman from her dancer husband. I’ve been jogging and am man enough to raise another guy’s baby.

Believe me when I say, our coverage will be in depth.

Bookmark this thread.

We’re at two days and counting.

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