Gerald Wallace Trade Rumors

Dave ThomasContributor IOctober 23, 2008

I'm a big Blazers fan. So imagine my excitement this morning when I read that the Bobcats have Gerald Wallace on the trading block. I'm totally stoked by the idea that we could land Gerald Wallace by dangling some talent, and end up as a serious contender for a title this season.

I'm not quite as comfortable as everyone else with Nic Batum as our starting three. Sure I heard that Travis Outlaw is meshing so well with the second line that Nate wants to keep him there, but I would love to have a stronger presence at the three.

And it turns out that Michael Jordan is looking to get rid of Gerald Wallace! Let's do whatever we need to get him. Dime proposed trading him to us, and I'd do more than give up Martell and Frye to have Wallace.

Imagine this starting five by the end of the year:- Bayless, Roy, Wallace, LaMarcus, Oden. With Wallace we're a 4 seed!