WWE Universe Picks Triple H's Poison

Greg SpragueContributor IOctober 23, 2008

This Sunday is Cyber Sunday, the only pay-per-view that we the people make the decisions. This year WWE has changed things up a little bit. Instead of going toWWE.com and voting their, this time your text your vote. The match that I feel will be the most interesting is the WWE Championship match, where Triple H will face either Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov, or both in a triple threat match.

Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy. This match would basically be a rematch from no mercy. The turn out would be the same, a close match with Jeff Hardy falling just short again of becoming WWE Champ. I really want to see this match, but I doubt that it will happen.     My pick for winner: Triple H

Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov. This is the match that I feel could cost Triple H his title. Kozlov has been too powerful for any one person shy of Big Show, Khali, or Mark Henry, to beat. I feel that if Triple H were to win it would be by the skin of his teeth. this would be an exciting match, two powerful people facing off in an epic match and would possibly steal the show.   My pick for the winner: Vladimir Kozlov

Finally the Triple Threat match, Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov.

This is the match that I think favors Jeff Hardy. If Triple H and Kozlov dook it out to the point of pure exhaustion then Jeff could come in and pick up the victory.
My pick for winner: Jeff Hardy

You can vote for your pick by text message:

text JEFF to 44993 for Jeff Hardy.

text KOZLOV to 44993 for Vladimir Kozlov.

or text TRIPLE to 44992 for a triple threat match.