Real Madrid: What Does Nuri Sahin Bring to the Table?

Davis RogersContributor IJune 3, 2011

Nuri Sahin.
Nuri Sahin.David Ramos/Getty Images

Last month Real Madrid completed the transfer of Nuri Sahin for 10 million euros. Sahin is fresh off a prolific Bundesliga campaign.

Sahin won the Bundesliga title with his former club, Borussia Dortmund. He played 30 games for Borussia Dortmund and finished off the campaign with six goals and eight assists.

He is also a Turkish national team player who won the 2005 UEFA European U-17 Championship in Italy.

Sahin is an accomplished player at the age of just 22 and he has loads of potential. 


What are Sahin's Strengths?

Sahin is known for his vision on the ball. He is able to play precisely with balls on the ground or in the air. It is amazing to see him play balls into the box where there is no margin for error.

Another one of Sahin's strengths is his shot. He is predominantly a left-footed player who can finesse or power the ball into either corner. Sahin is a master of free kicks. However, he won't be stealing Ronaldo's job anytime soon.

Sahin's pace will suit him and his teammates at Real Madrid. His style of play is often compared to the play of Arsenal skipper, Cesc Fabregas. Not a bad player to be compared to, if you ask me. 


What are Sahin's Weaknesses?

Sahin has very few weaknesses.

However, the only one to look out for is his use of his right foot. Although he is a maestro with his left foot, Sahin often avoids taking risks with his right foot.

We've seen players like Arjen Robben who still find an immense amount of success despite shying away from using their weak foot.

For Sahin, this is a minor flaw in his game.

Others have pointed out his lack of ability to head the ball. It is not uncommon for midfielders to struggle heading the ball, especially for the style of play Sahin enjoys. He has a lot more going for him than against him. 


How will he fit in at Madrid?

Nuri will feel at home in Madrid.

One of his closest friends is German national Mesut Ozil. Ozil and Sahin happen to share the same agent, which could have ultimately drawn him to Real Madrid.

Sahin will also have the opportunity to learn from quality players like Ozil and Xabi Alonso. Mourinho's plan will probably be to play Sahin alongside Xavi Alonso.

Madrid has a plethora of midfielders, including Diarra, Sammy Khedira and Gago. It will be interesting to see if Sahin can take the spot of one these impressive midfielders. 


Expectations for the Season

Real Madrid knows that Sahin will have a positive impact on their midfield.

Depending on his performance, Sahin could possibly start a number of games for Madrid.

At only 10 million euros, Nuri Sahin is a steal. He can control the tempo of the game, which will serve Madrid well. He is only 22 years old and hopefully he can establish himself in the Madrid lineup.