50 Greatest Teams in Sports History That Never Won It All

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50 Greatest Teams in Sports History That Never Won It All
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Put yourself in the shoes of a professional athlete for just one moment.

The offseason begins.  You commit yourself to your training; your opponent will not train harder than you.  It's not just you though, your team buys in and they set a goal: nothing short of a championship.

By the time the season rolls around, you look at how far you've come and realize that championship dream isn't just a dream.  Your team truly has what it takes to be the last one standing.

The season begins and it's obvious that your squad is head and shoulders above everyone else.  Just keep giving 100 percent, and this is going to be a fun year.

It's finally playoff time.  Your team is a high seed and a favorite to play for the title.  This is the year.

All of a sudden, one wrong play or one bad series of events in just one game ruins an entire season along with everything you put your heart into.

That is exactly what these 50 teams experienced in their dream turned nightmare of a season.  

Here are the 50 greatest teams in sports history that never won it all: 

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