Why Sting Never Jumped To WWE

Daris BrownSenior Analyst IOctober 23, 2008

Even at age 49, Sting has the wrestling world exactly where he wants it. All eyes on him. Although most eyes are rolling as he won the title for the third consecutive year at TNA's Bound for Glory, there's no doubt Sting is doing something right. Paul Heyman said that Sting is looking the best he has in years.

And although few would disagree, why does it seem like something is missing from his legacy. That "something" is a run in WWE. But there are plenty of reasons and examples why the "Franchise" never made the jump.

While some may argue that at 49 the Stinger is well past his prime. Yet he defies logic as he is currently giving fans some of the best promos he's ever cut. So why hasn't he taken the big check from Vince and head up north? Easy he's already seen what would happen to his career before ever stepping through the curtain. All courtesy of Exhibit A, Goldberg.

Bill Goldberg. He was one of WCW's fastest rising stars, a human bulldozer. But when he went to WWE he will forever be remembered for being booed out of the building at Wrestlemania. Now some of his horrible run was a lack of passion due to the product but a lot of it had to do with the fact that he wasn't Vince's idea. Therefore he never truly got the push he should've (even though he did win the belt).

And like Goldberg, Sting never bought into the sexuality and over the edge style that the WWE walks. A born-again Christian, Sting would have a hard time working in that environment. What about HBK you say. But what's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.

The other big white elephant in the room is travel time. Plain and simple Sting "don't do house shows." Nor is he there for every weekly taping or autograph show (although WWE doesn't do near as much fan interaction). Sting couldn't get away with the schedule he has in TNA with the WWE.

Plus, while Goldberg was there, we never got to see the match everyone wanted. Goldberg vs. Stone Cold. Instead of a fierce battle between the two we got the two sharing beers. What's up with that? Besides a then meaningless stunner at the end of Wrestlemania, we were all left hanging. So would we ever get to see the matches we wanted? If he were to jump, here are some of the great match ups we'd love to see.

There are a number of matches we'd love to see as Sting makes his way to the big money matches. Rey Mysterio, Y2J, John Cena, and Jeff Hardy.

Sting vs Stone Cold
Many are saying Austin has one big match left in the tank, what bigger could there be than stepping into the square circle with the man they call Sting?

Sting vs Triple H
One of the best of yesterday versus the best today. This would go down as one for the ages.

Sting vs HBK
Fans have wanted to see this one for years. For the longest time these two were the top of their respective companies, leaving fans to ponder "what if?"

Sting vs Undertaker
Wow. The only word to describe this battle. Wow. The speed, the ability to tell a good story, the drama. I truly believe this could be on the magnitude of Rock vs Hogan. There are few wrestlers that have captured the hearts of fans like these two. And this one on one contest could go down as one of Wrestlemania's best.