Dirk Nowitzki Video: Watch Mavericks Star Hit Game Winner to Beat Heat in Miami

Michael CahillCorrespondent IJune 3, 2011

Torn ligament? Who cares.

When it mattered most Dirk Nowitzki capped off an improbable comeback against the Miami Heat in Game 2.

If you’ve followed the Mavericks at all this postseason you know that nothing is impossible. LeBron James and company had to learn that the hard way.

With just 24 ticks on the clock the Dallas Mavericks ran down the clock and put the ball in the hands of their very best player.

What Nowitzki did to Chris Bosh was just criminal. He got to the basket so easy you would have thought Chris Bosh forget who he was guarding.

The Heat fans and critics will wonder for some time why LeBron wasn’t on their best player when it mattered the most, but that isn’t for Dirk to contemplate. He stepped up and made it happen.

No one’s reputation has taken more of a hit because of their postseason failures than Dirk. Seeing him do what star players do was gratifying.

The Heat don’t need to panic, but the Mavericks do have cause for celebration. They beat the unstoppable Heat at home. This series just got interesting.