Rays Taste Reality: Phillies Lead Series 1-0

Alex PotterCorrespondent IJune 24, 2016

While this was of no true importance to me being a Red Sox fan, I only decided to watch the first few innings. When I awoke this morning I realized something, I was finally over the Red Sox losing. Some might ask, why do you feel this way? Well folks it's quite simple, the Rays lost game one.

As much as the rays are underdogs going into the world series at 150-1 odds in Las Vegas this weekend, they looked to have the advantage of beating what seemed to be one of the most prestigious teams in baseball to get this far. Despite putting up a pair of runs in the fourth and fifth innings last night, the run support for the Rays was just not enough.The pitching of Scott Kazmir was solid but not plausible for his level of prestige.

The only real offensive production of the Phillies was the first inning home run off the bat of Chase Utley. Other than that Pedro Feliz looked productive and Shane Victorino looked in his playoff form. The solidarity of Cole Hammels reminded me of the performance of Josh Beckett in the playoffs last season, just straight out dominant.

If the Rays plan on winning game two in St. Pete tonight, they need those young guns to step up and do what they have been doing in this 2008 playoff season, and that is produce doubles.If they do not create a hitting routine tonight, their only hope will lbe Matt Garza in game three but by then it might be to late.

If the Phillie look to retain this lead while leaving Tampa tonight they need two people to step up. Those people are Ryan Howard and Brett Myers. It's simple really, they have the power to win tonight but they just need to learn how to take advantage of bases loaded situations instead of being thrown out by B.J. Upton at home plate.

Tonights Prediction: Rays win on an eighth inning rally led by Carlos Pena. Rays win it 6-5 and send this series back to Philly.