Who Would Win Big 12-SEC Challenge?

Ryan RaberContributor IOctober 23, 2008

How great would it be if the minds behind the Big 12 and SEC could orchestrate something like the Big Ten and ACC do in basketball?

As several articles and posts have aptly pointed out, it is possible to manipulate statistics to say whatever we want. In fact, it was once said: "There are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics."

Let's say I were in charge, and you could take current rankings and come up with the following set of games (higher-ranked teams usually get home field, but both conferences get six each):

2 Alabama at 1 Texas  

4 Oklahoma at 5 Florida

9 Georgia at 7 Oklahoma State 

8 Texas Tech at 11 LSU

Vanderbilt at 19 Kansas 

16 Missouri at South Carolina

Auburn at Colorado

Nebraska at Kentucky

Arkansas at Kansas State 

Baylor at Ole Miss

Tennessee at Iowa State

Texas A&M at Mississippi State


Let's all collectively agree to look at CURRENT TEAMS only.  Take a deep breath, review, and discuss. I get 7-5 in favor of the Big 12, maybe a game or two either way. (The seven are Texas, Ok. State, Kansas, Mizzou, Nebraska, K-State, and Baylor.)