WWE Female Division: With Kharma Out, Time to Sign Sara Del Rey

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WWE Female Division: With Kharma Out, Time to Sign Sara Del Rey

She may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but pound-for-pound she may be its best female wrestler.

Sara Del Rey, as she is known around independent wrestling promotions, has gained a reputation for being Indy's most popular female wrestler. Entering her tenth year in the business, where will she go from here?

Del Rey recently did an interview with Gerweck.net in which she described what she liked and didn't like about major wrestling promotions such as WWE and Impact Wrestling. At the end of the interview she was asked where she'd like to see herself in the future. She said she hoped to she'd end up in the WWE.

The WWE's female division recently suffered a setback due to the pregnancy of their new acquisition, Kharma (formerly known as Awesome Kong). Many fans believed Kharma was what the WWE needed to send the weak division back in the right direction.

But for now and the next nine months, WWE female wrestling will be as horrible as ever.

Kharma was the most popular female wrestler not to work for the WWE when she wrestled for TNA Wrestling and other Indy promotions. And ever since Pro Wrestling Illustrated began ranking the top 50 female wrestlers in 2008, Sara Del Rey has ranked second behind MsChif, thus making her the highest-ranked female wrestler outside of the WWE and TNA Wrestling.

Wrestling fans are no doubt aware of Sara Del Rey and her wrestling abilities. Pretty much every pro wrestling critic in the nation would say that she brings innovation and technicality to female wrestling like no one else.

A fun fact about Del Rey that members of the WWE Universe might find interesting is that she was trained by none other than WWE Superstar Bryan Danielson.

Danielson was by far the best in-ring technician in the world when he brought his style to the WWE last year. Some fans say that the acquisition of Danielson indicates that the WWE is now looking for the best wrestlers rather than only the best lookers and talkers. The same can also be said of Kharma.

As Danielson is very different from what Vince McMahon seems to like in wrestlers, Kharma is likely the opposite of everything he looks for in female wrestlers. But as much as the WWE thinks they're moving away from the term wrestling, their new acquisitions seem to tell otherwise.

With the exception of Kharma, the WWE's female division is composed of pretty girls. They have very attractive females who kind of work like Maryse and Eve, and they also have semi-attractive females that really know how to work like Beth Phoenix and Natalya. The rest of the roster is made up of bikini models who don't know how to work.

Thus, the biggest problem with the division is its lack of wrestling talent. In order to fix that, they need not hire another model; rather, they need to hire someone with in-ring talent and plenty of experience.

With Kharma's absence and the division's limited talent, they can't just have Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya and Maryse vs. Eve match-ups for the next nine months. They need to bring in another wrestler similar to Kharma who really knows how to work.

Little do they know, there is a well-qualified candidate out there who wants to wrestle for the WWE. No wrestling fan ever thought they would see Bryan Danielson in a WWE ring, and the same can be said about Kharma. But both of those dreams came true for the fans as well as the two wrestlers, and the same could now be done by giving one more wrestler a spot on the roster.

If they want someone with great in-ring ability to give the female division the breakthrough it needs, then they need not look further than Sara Del Rey.

Check out the link below for her full interview with Gerweck.net.


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