TNA Exclusive: Kurt Angle Tips Magnus, Williams, Wolfe for Success

Carrie DunnAnalyst IIJune 2, 2011

Kurt Angle is tipping a host of young wrestlers as the next generation of TNA stars—and thinks the company may soon get its first British champion.

"I like Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams, Desmond Wolfe—they're all from England and they all have the ability to be main-eventers if given a chance," he told me. "It'd be great to have some British wrestlers as our champions. They're all great actors too, especially Magnus."

Magnus, otherwise known as Nick Aldis, found fame in the UK as the mighty bad guy Oblivion on the game show Gladiators, and that was when Angle first spotted his talent.

"I just thought—I love this guy, I hate him, he'd be great on our roster! Then a week later, we signed him, and I went up to him and introduced myself, and said, 'I watched you on TV, man, I loved it, you were so entertaining!'

"If we can get that out of him on TV, if we can get that character out, the sky is the limit for him. Technically, he's ready. Character-wise we need to produce something that will work—he can be funny, he can be nasty, he just has that gift. He has so much charisma."

He also thinks there is some great American talent coming through.

"Look out for Amazing Red and Crimson," he says, "and I love Beer Money—when they split up and go as singles wrestlers, their careers will take off."