Jenson Button: Oh Yeah, I Remember Him

Daniel LamCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

Words can't match how bleak the last two years have been for Jenson Button. Since his dazzling 2004 season and victory at Hungary in 2006, he has been overshadowed by compatriot Lewis Hamilton.

In a lean period for the Brit, Button has only managed to score three times in the last two seasons, managing only nine points.

Once upon a time, before "Hamilton Mania," it was Jenson Button who was the face of British motorsport. Since Hamilton's assault on Formula One, Button has only fallen into oblivion in contrast to his counterpart.

One day, we may ask what Jenson Button could have done if he had been with a better team. But, that could also be the case for many drivers stuck with below average teams.

The 2009 season will prove to be a make or break season for Button, and Honda as well. Only time will tell if we all get to see the full potential of Jenson Button.