Our Troubling Defense

josh StoughContributor IOctober 22, 2008

So What is the deal with the Denver Defense, I'll tell you what. No Ownership. Now what i mean by that is that we have a locker room full of leadership potential. We all know champ Bailey Should be the first to step up into this role. But really since we lost Our great Middle linebacker Al Wilson, we just have not had someone step into that role. The key to the defense is your middle linebacker. Don't get me wrong, I think DJ Williams is doing great at his position, But the middle linebacker is like your quarterback of the defense. I truly believe if Koutivides can find it in him to take control of this defense it'll be a step in the right direction. But even once the Middle linebacker position is adequately filled, We still need players to pick - up their game like they were expected to. Jarvis Moss should be mowing over Quarterbacks by now, But again he is lacking production. champ Bailey has been on a great pace each season up until last year, Now he appears just mediocer. These Past two years i have seen him get beat deep time and time again. His Knowledge of the game is indisputable, But maybe it's time he used those talents and knowledge and spread them to the younger guys. It just seems like their is no sharing amongst the players, no one is challenging each other to be faster, hit harder, catch better, and hang with guys in routes. Obviously our offense has gotten 100% better since the diagnosis of cutler's diabetes not to mention the production of both Brandon Marshall(19 Catches in week 2) and rookie sensation Eddie Royal. hopefully once Sylvin Young is back and Ryan Torain is healthy we will see more running like the Shanahan of Old, but until they are healthy our offense in one dimensional. With the end of our season on the horizon, our team must rise up after this by week refreshed with a do or die attitude to make the playoffs this year, or at least look better than last years team(Verdict still being out). We shall see next week shan't we.