WWE: Following R-Truth's Dramatic Shift in Character; 5 Others Who Need a Change

LewisAnalyst IIIJune 3, 2011

WWE: Following R-Truth's Dramatic Shift in Character; 5 Others Who Need a Change

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    Following R-Truth's incredibly huge evolution into one of WWE's most entertaining heels, many (not including me) felt he was 'undeserving' and had not much talent at all; evidence of this can be seen from the backlash on Bleacher Report following the announcement of R-Truth to be included in the Extreme Rules 2011 Main Event which at the time was John Cena Vs. The Miz Vs. R-Truth for the WWE Title.

    It was swiftly changed through the next RAW that John Morrison was to beat Truth in a match in London and ultimately took R-Truth's spot in that match.

    That John Morrison/R-Truth match was the angle which turned R-Truth from rapping 'Wassup' to exclaiming 'shut up!'

    At the moment, you'll have a hard time searching on the Internet or the radio programs for someone who has a complete dislike to R-Truth's change.

    And with that change for R-Truth, I hope to include five 'Sports Entertainers' who need a breath of fresh air to re-ignite their WWE career. 

Chris Masters

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    Who remembers the old Chris Masters?

    Who actually remembers Chris Masters is still employed by WWE?

    Chris Masters' career is in dire need of a makeover, in recent years we've known the Masterpiece for 'bouncing titties' and not the good kind, either...

    Chris Masters needs a great change and sometimes great changes are rehash to the old, and Masters needs to get back his old 'masterpiece' gimmick.

    Just this past January, reports were running wild on the web about a post-Royal Rumble push, it was reportedly going to be a huge push but in reality the only push he got was a several week winning streak on WWE Superstars....

    WWE Bring back the REAL Masterpiece.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston isn't getting anywhere at this moment in time, and he is somewhat getting stale.

    He needs a change and the change should be in the form of a heel turn, We all know out of the WWE younger and newer talent, Kofi Kingston is one of the most talented.

    His face persona nearly got him to the top of RAW but the 'Career Killer' (Randy Orton), as some have dubbed him, ended all signs of Kofi's push to the the top.

    Since then, he has been stuck in the United States and Intercontinental Scene at least with a heel turn - he could feud with Rey Mysterio which should be entertaining as Mysterio puts on great matches with just about anyone.

    WWE missed the ball once, surely they can't miss it again?


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    I'm with the minority who feel JTG is talented enough to be a big-time player.

    I don't think the WWE will see it nor will some of the fans see it due to their interpretation of wrestlers as how they are perceived on television.

    For Example: Many felt Cody Rhodes was Marty Jannetty whilst Ted DiBiase was to be Shawn Michaels, I always felt Cody Rhodes was the better of the two, but many didn't see that until Cody's matches with Rey Mysterio.

    Due to Rhodes being presented in a certain manner, many thought he wasn't that talented, whereas Ted was being groomed to be the breakout star and many jumped onto the bandwagon believing he was the better star.

    Point is, because JTG isn't being viewed as a potential star, it doesn't mean he hasn't the tools to be a star.

    He needs a change in character, the gangster persona has gone on too long and I feel being Black was/is the reason why JTG is being held down....

    Last time I stated this about JTG, someone said stereotypes aren't just Black people, he then continued to talk about Stone Cold Steve Austin being a redneck.

    JTG hasn't had any pay-off in any form, no Tag team title, no secondary title in WWE...he has nothing to his name..

    Stone Cold had the biggest pay-off despite being stereotypical, he became one of the biggest stars in the business.

    Both stereotypical characters but two completely different careers...

Ted DiBiase Jr.

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    As I've stated a few times in the past, I'm not an avid supporter of Ted DiBiase Jr.

    I always thought and preferred Cody Rhodes to him and felt Ted was a little overrated by the IWC....

    Sure he has most of the tools to become a top tier talent, but I haven't seen anything he has done that has captivated by attention.

    To me, he is just there...everything is average. His mic skills are average, his in-ring work is average, his character is a horrible attempt of a remake of his father....

    The change he needs is something drastic for me. A change in appearance, whether a beard or dyed hair, something to make me forget about old Ted: a whole gimmick makeover, basically.

    I know he has some talent, but he hasn't captivated me in anyway to me think, "Wow, he is the next Stone Cold or The Rock"....     

Primo Colon

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    I was with the masses who felt that Primo didn't have the mic skills to match his brother Carlito. But as a big Carlito supporter, I still had a special place for Primo....

    When I went to the London Monday Night RAW some weeks back, Primo Vs. Percy Watson was the dark match and Primo cut a promo just before Percy Watson's arrival.

    The promo was thoroughly entertaining and the crowd was booing him like crazy....

    He is supposedly heel at the moment and had moments with Zack Ryder eventually exclaiming "Are You Down with Zack and Primo?"

    I don't want him to turn face, but a change in heel persona is greatly needed for him to ignite his career, If he isn't the most confident speaker at the moment, WWE should have placed returning Armando Estrada with him.

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