What Do We Do With Chad Henne?

Benji ZeledonContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Ok after Balti-Gate (It's in the Metro area but...it just sounds cooler).


Well the debacle that was Baltimore. We are left stunned that our new present from the almighty football God, the Wildcat was snuffed by...a defense made of hall-of-famers. Beyond that...it was fairly dismal while our best receivers where left deep since Chad P. cannot dump the deep ball. We are left to wonder


do we get our brand new Tom B-


I mean Chad Henne out on the field?


(To those who do not know...Tom was also a Michigan QB some time ago...some time ago)


Well short answer is pretty much...yah.


Well not in the Matt Ryan prolific way but we need to give him some snaps...plus we need some deep shots.


So in that sense of the way...wait Miami...


one must be patient and just watch the show. Let us just wait to see how Buffalo turns out.