Name Changes In WWE: Good Or Bad?

Joe Del BussoContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Are Name Changes Good Or Bad?

Every few months in the WWE we get introduced to a new talent. Lately, the WWE has seemed to go on a little name changing spree which included some main roster guys. We have Evan Bourne now involved in the WWE, but before he was Evan Bourne he was Matt Sydal who worked for ROH, WSX, and other indie promotions around the world. Next, we have Scotty Goldman, aka Colt Cabana. Cabana also worked with Sydal in ROH and other promotions around the world.

But the biggest change in my opinion has to have been the re-debut of Ron Killings. The WWE dubbed his named R-Truth since his return from TNA. So what i'm really trying to understand is, why change their names in the first place. These people made themselves in the wrestling industry under the names they used. Doesn't Matt Sydal sound better than Evan Bourne anyways? And this is the 3rd name change for R-Truth, Ron "The Truth" Killings always sounded better and it was under that alias that he captured the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

The WWE needs to stop worrying so much about what to call their talent, and worry more about the crap they put out to us each and every Monday night. Ratings are low, morale is low, but hey, they'll put a new name to your face any day!