Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week Seven

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IOctober 22, 2008

Welcome back to the seventh edition of the weekly Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers comparison.

Last week was an easy decision, as Rodgers clearly outplayed Favre and was able to tie the score with the former Packer quarterback at 3-3.

Week Seven

NOTE: I regret to inform my readers that I did not watch either game in its entirety. The reason being that I was in a two-hour car drive to Orlando for Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. I did periodically check scores and stats.

Usually, I base my decision on who played the best game. Unfortunately, this week my pick will have to be based on highlights and stats: my apologies. Yet, the show must go on!

New York Jets   13
Oakland Raiders 16

Brett Favre: 21-38 197yds, 0 TDs, 2 INTs

The Good: Another mediocre game for Favre. Favre is shaping up to have one of his erratic seasons. Good news is, he only lost by three. With his play, it could have been much worse. He never really got into a rhythm with his receivers, and Oakland played suffocating defense.

The only good point I can add is Favre added another fourth-quarter comeback to his resume. Oh wait, Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 57-yard field goal...never mind.

The Bad: Where to start? Two interceptions in two straight weeks. Brett, you are not going to take anybody to the playoffs with those numbers. The Raiders had to be a win, and they let it get away. Favre was inaccurate and looked like the heavily-criticized "rookie Favre."

Green Bay Packers   34
Indianapolis Colts     14

Aaron Rodgers: 21-28 186yds, 1 TD

The Good: 21-for-28? Outstanding. He is doing exactly what his gameplans dictate. A real coach's quarterback. He didn't make mistakes and made the plays he needed to make. No bulky stats for Rodgers, only a win: Something Favre could not claim this week.

The Bad: To be honest, I expected more involvement from Rodgers this week. If you told me Rodgers' stats the day before the game, I would have picked the Colts to win. Rodgers' stats were not that of a game winner, but that of a game manager.

If I were Aaron Rodgers, I would buy a gift for both Aaron Rouse and Nick Collins, because their defensive touchdowns won the game.

The Pick

No big stats this week, but the difference is in the win column. Favre had an "easy win" and threw it out the window. Rodgers wasn't given a chance against the Colts, and he helped steal a win. Aaron Rodgers played a better game and that translated to a big win for the Packers.

Rodgers has won three straight weeks and has grabbed a 4-3 lead on Favre.

Final Thoughts

Oh Brett, what is going on in New York? Some weeks you look like Brett Favre, other weeks you look like Brett Favre. In Green Bay, we loved you no matter what; in New York, you'll find that love is in short supply.

Aaron Rodgers continues to outplay Favre. His stats are better, his team has more wins, Rodgers is having an exceptional season. I hate to say these two words before Week 10, but...Pro Bowl anybody?

I also think this author should get his stuff together and watch football instead of driving to Orlando to wait an hour-and-a-half in line to walk through a two-minute haunted house. Never again...

Next week the Packers get a much needed bye week, while Favre's Jets get another lowly team in the Kansas City Chiefs.