Aaron Rodgers: A True Underdog Story

Benji ZeledonContributor IOctober 22, 2008

You have to just feel good for Aaron Rodgers. I am a big California Golden Bears fan and was personally disappointed when easily the best signal caller since Steve Bartkowski to come out of our school was tossed down so many picks in the 2005 NFL draft, while his hometown team picked up instead a bust of a first pick overall.

If you are the San Francisco 49ers, you have to feel bad about that call.

Now though, Rodgers the Packers to a more than likely playoff berth and is at a steady pace of a Pro Bowl season. This is something great for a junior college kid who got ignored by every division one school but the University of Illinois until Jeff Tedford found him.

The problem was that Jeff Tedford is famous a bit for a few busts.

So...there's pick no. 24...by a team with Brett Favre. Although he got to learn from Brett, it made him suffer quite a bit standing there, until you know the events that unfolded.

Now he is a starter and all is well in the world. Honestly, he has one of the best stories this year and well I just felt like adding this article about him for the point that...you are going to see in my next article.