Analyzing Vikings Defence After Seven Games

Joey MillerContributor IOctober 22, 2008

The Minnesota Vikings Defense had high expectations for the 2008 season. In the off-season the Minnesota Vikings added Benny Sapp, and Madieu Williams in Free Agency. The biggest hole was finding a true pass rusher. So they brought in Jared Allen FIA Trade from Kansas City. I would say that it has been a bust so far this season.

Remember Jared Allen was suppose to be a huge impact player, but he has had only 22 tackles with five sacks in 7 games. Which is an average of 3.14 tackles, and has been an average of 1.4 sacksa game. Jared, however, has loved Minnesota so far. He is on the verge of 15 sacks as a Minnesota Viking.

When asked about the sacks Jared responded "We've got a good part of our season coming up; a lot of these teams we're about ready to play I had good success against last year," he said. "Nothing I can do about (sacks). I've watched film; I'm there with my rushes. I've got a ton of pressures (on quarterbacks). I've just got to get them on the ground."

I believe Jared is on the verge of getting to the ground. Last week, against the Chicago Bears Jared Allen recorded 2 sacks, which was one of his better games. After 7 weeks I would give this player an B+, and is rising to potential.

Now on to Madieu Williams and Benny Sapp. Benny Sapp has proven leadership skills for special teams. He may not have the tackles. I have always said its not about the production it is about the team work. Benny Sapp has been a great addition with low production. Benny Sapp will get a C+ from me.

Madieu has been the worst addition yet. He had signed a deal for 6 years 33 Million Dollars. Williams has been out all of Preseason and even has missed the first 7 games. Williams will be expected back, however, after the bye week. Madieu will get an I for Incomplete. He will have to show the Vikings and their fans what he is getting paid for.

Onward or Upward the Vikings will need to show improvements from last weeks game against Chicago where they allowed 48 points.