WWE Cyber Sunday Preview: ECW Championship

Morgan Carter@MorgsCarterCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

OK folks, the ECW title is on the line this Sunday night.  It will be Matt Hardy facing off against one of Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, or Finlay.  If you can’t decide who to vote for, let me handicap the race and tell you who you should choose.


Mark Henry:  The “World’s Strongest Man” can get another chance to regain the ECW title if you put him in the match.  Storyline-wise, he makes the most sense to put in the match.  Henry and Hardy have been feuding for a few months now.  Expect a decent match, with Hardy trying to keep the pace up and retaining the title despite interference from Tony Atlas.


Evan Bourne:  The wild card.  If you are looking for the best match, vote Bourne.  His high flying moves and speed will keep the bout lively and entertaining.  Look out for Henry and Atlas to interrupt the match in order to weaken both opponents.  Unfortunately, Hardy and Bourne would draw more of a reaction if they were a tag team rather than opponents.  Bourne seems most likely to get voted in, but least likely to win the belt.


Finlay:  The Irishman is looking for his first major title in WWE, and you can give him a chance with your vote.  I don’t expect Hornswoggle to be involved in the match, as he was recently sent to FCW for training.  Finlay, a solid worker with many years of experience, can help make this a solid match.  Once again, Henry and Atlas may get involved.


Prediction: Bourne wins the text vote, but Matt Hardy retains his ECW Title.