Chris' Week Nine College Football Picks

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

ESPN might want to ditch Hammerin' Hank Goldberg and hire me to pick games. Although Hank picks NFL, I am sure I can do better than his 16-20 record as of last week. For someone who is suppose to be a pro, it appears Hammerin' Hank's advice will do the same thing the stock market is doing to your 401(k).

Enough about that fat old guy, let's get to the picks. Going into last week, I was 6-0, and for those of you who have not been keeping up, last week was my third week of submitting picks. I only picked three games the first two weeks, but I decided to add two more games a week, so you will get five picks from me and, as of now, 82 percent of my picks are money.

  • Take NC State +14 @ Maryland.
  • Take Minnesota -2 @ Purdue.
  • Take Rutgers +9 @ PITT.
  • Take Duke +14 @ Vanderbilt
  • Take UNLV +22 @ BYU

And this will not count toward my record, but, for a bonus pick, take Arizona +16 @ USC.