NHL News: Brendan Shanahan to Replace Colin Cambell as Head Disciplinarian

Franklin SteeleAnalyst IIJune 1, 2011

Brendan Shanahan with Will Arnett
Brendan Shanahan with Will ArnettChristian Petersen/Getty Images

For the first time since 1998, the NHL and fans will be looking to a new face to hand out fines and suspensions:  Colin Cambell has stepped away from his role as the head of the NHL's discipline.

His replacement?

Long time player, and growing figure behind the scenes, Brendan Shanahan.

Shanahan has played an important role in the change happening within the NHL during the last several years.  His resume includes heading up the NHL's Research, Development, and Orientation Camp that had its inaugural session last summer.

He also was responsible for the popular changes to the All-Star game, and the player draft was his brain child.  To boot, he had recently been elected to a panel charged to monitor player safety.

Before accepting the position as lead disciplinarian Shanahan had been serving as League's Vice President of Hockey and Business Development.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the move during his press conference prior to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals,  While the announcement came on Wednesday, the talks to replace Cambell have been ongoing for two months, according to NHL.com's report on the matter.

Cambell had been mired in some trouble after emails he had written were made public in the case of referee Dean Warren, who claimed he was improperly fired by the League.  In these emails, released in November of 2010, Cambell referred to Boston Bruins center Marc Savard as a "little fake artist." 

While the NHL strongly backed their head of discipline, some viewed it as reason enough to cut ties.

While he won't be the head of discipline any longer, Cambell will maintain his role in the hockey ops department, also per the aforementioned NHL.com article.

Update:  Here are the interviews with Bettman and Shanahan concerning the move, linked from the NHL's website.