Did Brett Favre Leak Gameplan To Lions... I Don't Care

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

After all this talk about whether or not Brett Favre leaked a game-plan to the Lions I have come to a conclusion I DON'T CARE.  If you listen to any player in the NFL they will tell you after a player leaves a team all the other teams in the league will try and find out whether by contacting the player directly or players on the team that are friendly with player talking to him. 

Farve has stated that he was talking to former Detroit Lions president and GM Matt Millen about going on a hunting trip.  Favre then went to say that he knew Millen was probably going to ask him about the Packers' game-plan for the Lions.  Favre explained that he didn't have a game-plan with him he just told him things he could learn from watching film about the Lions' defense.

Now the big reason this is a non issue to me.  The Lions lost.  The Lions lost the way they always lose when the game is close in the closing minutes.  Kitna in a desperate attempt to win threw up a pass that was intercepted not once but twice.  If Favre really wanted to help the Lions he would have told Millen to find a quarterback who when the game is on the line doesn't choke.

So there you have it I don't care about this story because in the end it is nothing out of the ordinary, no rules were broken, and the Lions still lost.