Brock Lesnar vs. Junior Dos Santos: TUF 13 Live Results and Analysis, Episode 10

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Brock Lesnar vs. Junior Dos Santos: TUF 13 Live Results and Analysis, Episode 10

If The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos were a rollercoaster, it would've featured a huge drop right after you got on the ride, then a looooong flat run where you lost all moments before another huge rise and fall shot you back into the dock.

All the hype of Brock Lesnar's involvement carried the show for a few episodes until viewers realized the big fella's normally must-see aura wasn't built to withstand weekly appearances, and the current cast was woefully lacking in the psychopath department.

Once that happened, we diehard fans of mixed martial arts contented ourselves with some above-average scrapping as the cast members whittled themselves down, but TUF is no a showcase targeted at die-hards.

And so the grumbling started.

Well, it should have all but stopped after Tony Ferguson got wasted, blacked out and decided to ride Charlie Rader about the latter's estranged son. At one point, Ferguson insinuated Rader should beat him instead of his son—rarely a wise or classy move.

Needless to say, that set match to kerosene-soaked bridge as Ferguson alienated basically everyone in the house and probably more than a few watching from their couches.

The good news for Tony is he still looks like one of this season's best fighters (or maybe just strikers) and one of the four remaining semifinalists, so he might still be able to win back a few fans.

By beating another man into a bloody pulp...gotta love this sport.

Tonight's the last episode before the live finale from the Palms Casino Resort on Saturday night so be sure to check back here at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT for reactions to tonight's show as it unfolds.

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