ECW: Bourne Again

Dave GentileContributor IOctober 22, 2008

All three worthy candidates vying to be voted in as Matt Hardy's competitor at Cyber Sunday would offer a unique challenge for the champion. Mark Henry, a former ECW Champion and World's Strongest Man, brings an undeniable brute force to the ring.

Henry's dominance has been on display the past few weeks as he decimated both Finlay and Bourne following their qualifying matches. However Hardy has shown time and time again that he simply has the Self-proclaimed Silverback's number.

Following two failed title shots fans can rest assured Mark Henry will be all business if voted in. Bringing a similar, hard-nosed style is the tough-as-nails veteran Finlay. Loving nothing more than to fight, Finlay would bring the pain right to Hardy's door.

Though perhaps a bit advanced in age Finlay always proves to be a tough competitor and with his shillelagh, and his crafty son Hornswaggle in his corner there's no counting out the brawler from Belfast. The final possible contestant is the exciting and explosive Evan Bourne.

Though he is an inexperienced rookie, and an integral part of Teddy Long's New Superstar Initiative, Bourne has displayed some major moxie by defeating Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely in recent weeks. Bourne's extremely unique, and often astonishing, ring technique includes the devastating 450 degree Shooting Star Press.

Similar to Hardy, Bourne defeated Mark Henry earlier this week and proved he too can overcome a tremendous size difference. Perhaps even his inexperience could play in his favor, as Hardy has never faced Bourne in the ring one on one.

Matt Hardy is at a serious disadvantage this Sunday simply by not knowing which of these three different styles he will have to adjust to. Hardy, ever the fighting champion, will be aiming to extend his reign over ECW by looking to nail the Twist of Fate.

No matter which competitor the fans select we can expect an adrenaline-fueled match, but in terms of sheer excitement we should all cross our fingers and become Bourne-again.