The Best and Worst of Cleveland Sports MediaTV; The L-Train Takin' Off

Triple-S Go BrownsContributor IOctober 22, 2008

TV: We all have watched it in some form if you're a sports fan. ESPN being the ultimate zenith of sports television. In the city on the banks of Lake Erie, we are blessed and cursed with the Tube.

First off, lets lay it all out here, the obvious places to get sports are ESPN, TNT when covering the NBA, CBS/FOX doing football. You get the picture, right? In Cleveland if you wanted a more Cleveland oriented point of view it'd obviously be WJW Channel 8, WOIO/WUAB Channel 19/43, WKYC Channel 5,and Channel 5 WEWS. and for those 85% of us blessed with Cable, we also get Sports Time Ohio, and FSN Ohio, and Hell, lets count the Big Ten network in there. Obviously not difficult to see that its easy to get a sports fix.

The local broadcast channels, are usually pretty good, WKYC has Jim Donovan, who's pretty much the voice of the Browns, and does a weekly show on them, along with Doug Dieken, Tony Grossi, and Sam Rutligano called "The Point After", which is a much watch every week, and is generally pretty good doing Tribe games. Also its quite a treat to here him do preseason games with Bernie Kosar, who although is not pleasing to the ears, is probably one of the smartest guys on the planet when it comes to football.

WOIO/WUAB, has usually been sort of tabloidish in terms of how sports are covered, they were the ones that really started the "Cowher to Cleveland" rumors up. Though, their "Tailgate 19" lacks a lot of substance, its fun to watch Hanford Dixon and Reggie Langhorne make fun of Bob Golic for being on "Saved by the Bell". The texting ticker at the bottom is a fun way to participate, and overall I enjoy watching this over ESPN's pregame in the same timeslot.

WEWS is okay coverage wise, definitely nothing to write home about, but they're usually pretty solid.

WJW is entertaining especially during the fall when "Friday Night Touchdown" is going on. Its pretty kickass to see Tony Rizzo come to your game, and sort of made the game even more special. I've met him several times on the sidelines as a player, and generally he seems very intuned and serious about doing that job, but was very nice, and even signed an autograph for me when I was in 9th grade.

Let me first say this, Its great as an Indians fan to have a whole station devoted to the tribe up here, and not only the tribe, but the Browns on occasion as well. Now, with that being said, the announcers are..Not Tom Hammond, we'll leave it at that. Bruce Drennen hosts a Radio show on TV, and its usually worth a listen to after a game. Also its very cool to have a two show on Thursday nights breaking down the Browns.

Now for the my title's namesake. FSN is pretty good at covering the Cavs, its great to hear Austin Carr say something along the lines "The L-Train takin' it the hole" after a LeBron James dunk. I do miss Michael Reghi though, the guy was great. And if you want to catch the biggest goofball in Browns history, I do recommend a viewing of "Josh's Cribbs"