Cyber Sunday!

Taylor SmithCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008


As we all know, Cyber Sunday is just a few days away. As the entire WWE Universe gets ready to pick their favorite matches, some people may still be deciding which ones to choose. I understand this and I, Taylor, will give you some inside tips on which matches would be best for Cyber Sunday.

Match No. 1: Undertaker vs. The Big Show

My pick for this match would be the "I Quit" match. Let's face it. what would be better than watching two of the biggest behemoths in the WWE battle it out until one can't stand anymore. Chokeslam through tables and Last Ride's through ladders would be the perfect way for these two to settle their score.

Winner: Undertaker by way of Tombstone Pile-driver

Match No. 2: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

My pick for this match would be the no holds barred match. Could you imagine Rey preforming a 450 splash while Kane is on a table?? Or a Chokeslam From Hell off of a ladder? That's exactly what we need in order to make this years Cyber Sunday better than any other Pay-Per-View this year!

My Winner for match No. 2: Kane (Chockeslam from Hell)