Football: Expressing Yourselves!

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer IOctober 22, 2008

Sitting, waiting, wishing.  A Jack Johnson song? No, not just that. It’s the slogan of every football fan. Let’s admit it. How much more can we do than that?

You, wearing your lucky socks, or you who keeps your fingers crossed... it’s time to face it! That’s not going to help! I know because I’ve tried. I’ll sit one day wearing my lucky Crouch shirt, and we win.

All excited I’ll sit through the next game, with the same shirt... in the same place, after having done the exact same thing I did the day we won, yet we lose.

I’m not superstitious by nature, but I’ll do anything if it means seeing my team winning another trophy. Sadly there’s nothing I can do.


Isn’t it crazy? Even after the score being 6-0 and we’re losing at the 89th minute, when the whistle blows, we express utter most shock “Oh my God! How could we lose?”

It doesn’t stop us though. We know the outcome of a game could be: a) victory or  b) defeat (or a draw).

Yet, when the time of the final whistle comes we go...


Here’s the deal, when you lose 6-0, the right answer to that question is, your team played like crap. It’s as simple as that. The wide open mouth and shocked expression is really not necessary.

I can sit through the penalties with my eyes shut, with them opened, or with one shut and one open. The result is still the same.

The fact that I took all the trouble and energy to shut one eye makes no difference to the 22 players on the field.


Why is it, that some of us sit through a game after our team having taken the lead with a smirk on our faces. Can the opposition team really see us through the television?

Do you think they’re looking at us thinking... "That son of a... is smirking at us, how dare he/she?"

Let me break it to you, in all probability they have no idea who you are, and frankly, I think even if they did, they wouldn’t give a rat’s a**!

Another thing, I know I can’t resist is yelling at the television...we’re crazy aren’t we?

Have you ever responded to something the commentator said? Or went "how dare you?" as if he could actually hear you? It’s useless doing that... I know you know that by now, why is it that we know that yet still do it?

Don’t you state random facts or opinions at the television? Talking to it as if it were a real person? I don’t know about you, but I feel football is the reason I’m going crazy, one game at a time.


Now... goals. Everyone knows most games will have at least one goal. Yet not knowing when the goal will be scored adds an air of mystery to football. So instead of going yawn... there are many things you could scream.

Like “finally”, or “OH MAN” or even “offside, you bloody ref”. Or just hold your head and scream out all the frustration!


My mum always says, football is a health hazard. She's probably right! If you end up sick in bed, or passed out on the floor after celebrating a victory, it's not your fault. It really isn't! Blame it on football!


Football expressions are such Kodak moments... faces turn all kinds of colours; red, blue, green... maybe even purple (once I'm done strangling the odd United supporter! ) Spare a moment, say cheese...and keep up those exaggerated expressions! You never know who's watching.