The Potential Future Of The World Title, And It's Not Pretty

TYFIContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Vignettes showing the big return of "The Champ," John Cena?  Batista, the man that put him out of action (according to WWE) in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Cyber Sunday, with all the odds in the world stacked against the current champ, Chris Jericho?  A feud that has been on hold for the last three months because of the injury Cena suffered in their big one-on-one match?

Dear God...

I've seen the future.  And it's Batista vs. John Cena for the World Heavyweight Title.

While I may be completely wrong in assuming this, really you can't blame me for doing so.  When Jericho won the title out of no where in the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven (the first televised show I was actually in attendance), I was pumped.  So many possiblities for what they could do next!

Option No. 1—Jericho vs. Punk:...Well that fell through didn't it?  One cage match and that's all he wrote for his time in the Title Hunt.  Yeah, he was the secret opponent for Jericho a week back, but this week he's tagging with Kofi once again. 

If it was any other person, I'd be more okay with it, but they built him to the moon only to throw him off a cliff into the Midcard.  And even his potential Orton feud has lost momentum to the point where it may not happen, at least with the meaning it would have had lately.

Option No. 2—Jericho vs. Shawn: THIS is what I was phyched about from the moment he got the 3 count and walked out with the Championship.  Everything was alligined in their favor.  Deep, personal feud that has been building over the course of the year. 

And plus, normally the people on the cover of the Smackdown VS RAW games are the champs in or around the time the game is released.  Triple H and Shawn are the only two on that cover, and do I really need to tell you Trips has a title?

Back to that other point.  This is one of the most intricate, well layed out, emotional feuds in resent memory.  This storyline actually makes you think if you're the fan I am.  The kids in the audience and watching at how wouldn't know anything about what Jericho was talking about, hell, half probably didn't know who he was when he came back. 

But the thinking fans know that what Jericho's saying is true.  Shawn DID fake an injury to win a match.  He admited it. 

So do you side with Shawn, the man that lied his way to a win, and had the audacity not to change his name to Guerrero first?

Or Jericho, the man that turned his back on the fans and hit Shawn's wife, but has never told a lie to the WWE faithful?

Well, looks like we won't be seeing how it pans out any time soon, as this feud has been MIA other than Shawn's presence in the Cyber Sunday voting.

Option No. 3—Jericho vs. Batista:  Wait, what?  What do they have against each other?  Nothing.  In fact, Jericho stood up for Batista when he said Shawn played possum to win.  Why does Batista want him dead?  Oh, yeah, the Scramble match. 


How many Batista feuds have started because he lost one match? Taker, Khali, and now Jericho.  Batista seems to be a sore loser don't you think? 

This feud isn't helped by Batista's lack of charisma, a bold contrast from Mr. Irvine.  "Mess with the bull you get the horns!" will join the plethora of lame quotes from the Animal, including "I'm gonna expose your ass..." and "Weapons aren't just encouraged, they're allowed."

Now, again, I might be completely wrong in my first assumptions.  In WWE, normally the man with the most "momentum" will lose eight out of 10 times.  And seeing as how Batista last Monday seemed to actually suck all the momentum out of Jericho (along with a ton of crediblity), all laws of WWE booking say that Jericho will win.  But, this is Batista, CenaV3, so nix that. 

Let's assume that the feud between Cena and Teest continues right after he gets back.  Okay, no problem there as long as one isn't champion.  It keeps two people I dislike in one feud on one show (now if Michelle McCool can just muscle her way into that, we'll be set). 

But, if Batista is champion when Cena comes back, they'll have their No. 1 contender, and I'll have two free hours on Monday nights.