The Ultimate Bar Fight Starting Lineup: NBA Edition

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The Ultimate Bar Fight Starting Lineup: NBA Edition

I can honestly say this article would have been a lot harder to write 20 years ago.

As the NBA season concludes, there are many thoughts that are swirling around my head, such as:

Will there be a lockout next season?...What are the Thunder and the Bulls going to do to get better in the offseason?...Why is Dirk Nowitzki complaining every time he gets looked at by his opponent, and why is his opponent getting called for the foul? ... When did looking at a guy warrant a foul call?...Are we all watching the same game?...Seriously, Dirk's not even getting touched, is he? 

Okay, maybe those last few were an exaggeration, but it's really starting to get to me, and it's not just the ticky-tack foul calls. I have seen more flops this post season than there likely were in the entire season 10 years ago.

When did the NBA become so soft?

And I'm not saying that every player should clothesline J.J. Barea in a playoff game—clearly, that is Andrew Bynum's job—but, I think that in any good basketball game, contact has to be both dished out and absorbed.

Nobody wants to watch a game with 80 free throws. That's a trip to the line nearly every minute and a half of the game. While this seems like another exaggeration, game one of the Western conference Finals between the Thunder and the Mavs hosted 79 free throws. 

Luckily, there are still a few guys in the league that are feared enough to be considered ample bar fighting mates. Unfortunately, being feared is likely going to be an automatic technical foul next season. 

Regardless, here's my starting five: 

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