MMA Knockout of the Day: Tom Watson Kicks Travis Galbraith into Next Tuesday

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IJune 1, 2011

Maximum Fighting Championship 24 housed one of the best head kick knockouts we've done so far.

Tom Watson faced Travis Galbraith in a middleweight bout and ended the fight two minutes in.

The two fighters start off pretty normally feeling each other out, and then, end up in the clinch against the ropes. After getting out of the clinch, the two fighters start turning the heat up some more. Both start throwing some strikes and eventually back away.

Watson then takes advantage of the downtime and throws a high-right head kick and knocks Galbraith out cold. Not even like cold—like ice from Antarctica cold. Immediately, Galbraith's body goes limp and drops to the mat.

What makes this even better is that immediately after the win, the stadium is filled with cheers and the sound of the song "Love Me Sexy" by Will Ferrell from the movie Semi-Pro. Galbraith could barely tell where he was, imagine his confusion regaining consciousness and hearing that song.

Since this fight, Watson has gone 3-1 and is coming off a win over Murilo Rua, who subsequently announced his retirement from MMA after his bout with Watson. Watson retained his BAMMA middleweight title with that win against Rua.

Galbraith has only fought once since this fight and won that bout against Brian Coldwell by guillotine choke, 30 seconds into the first round. Since his fight with Coldwell a year ago, Galbraith has not fought.

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