Saturday in Baton Rouge, One Team Will Lose!

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

The team that does will drop in the poll, which is how the system works. The thing is the loser will be ranked below teams that odds makers would make underdogs if the teams would play each other!

In other words, when money is on the line, the polls mean nothing. Boy is that an argument for a playoff! This applies to all the conferences and all ranked teams.

The bowl system has already changed from when I was young. It use to be about just going to a bowl, not any more. Now it’s about being able to get more practice in for next year! It’s about rankings and it’s about recruits.

The reason this game sticks out is that these two teams ended last year 1st and 2nd or 1st and 3rd, depending what poll you looked at. The writers say one thing, coaches say another, and odds markers say another.

The fact of the mater is even in a friendly little bet, for a cup of coffee, every last one of us will base our decision on the odds makers. The people who set the odds will tell you they don’t always get it right, a statement you would be lucky to see from a sports writer on page four of the newspaper.

In this age of enlightenment, do we use an arcane system as the polls, and only in FBS football? Or do we go against the ones who skip the tiny numbers placed in front of the team names, like the odds makers do. It goes to show that everyone has their own agenda.