Denver Broncos: Ask Broncomaniac Rob, the Unofficial Denver Broncos Mailbag

Rob GregoryCorrespondent IIMay 31, 2011

Tired of reading about Tim Tebow?
Tired of reading about Tim Tebow?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It’s the offseason. The draft is behind us. The season may or may not be in front of us thanks to the Great Nothingness, aka the 2011 NFL lockout.

And yet, we Broncos fans have plenty to discuss in anticipation of the start of the Jon Elway-John Fox era.

There are three paramount questions at this point. One has to do with the quarterback situation. Will it be Tim Tebow, and if so, how will he do in his first full season? Or will Broncos fans have to endure another year with journeyman quarterback Kyle Orton?

There are super-colossal questions regarding the defense. Which rookies will start, and what will be their impact? Will Brian Dawkins return? Will there be any last-minute trades involving players like D.J. Williams once normal business operations resume? And most importantly, can Broncos fans expect immediate improvements in year one under head coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Dennis Allen?

Then there is the running game. Has Knowshon Moreno showed us everything he has to offer, and if so, what will the team do to give the Broncos a balanced offensive attack?

I’d like to start a mailbag here on Bleacher Report to address and discuss some of these important Broncos topics for several reasons. One is because I count myself as a huge Broncos fan, and I personally cannot get enough coverage and analysis. I’m constantly scouring the Internets for updates, and I read just about everything that is Broncos-related here on Bleacher Report. (It's all very good, by the way.)

But I also realize that while some important topics are being ignored (i.e. what kind of changes can we expect out of new defensive coordinator Dennis Allen), other topics are being rehashed ad-nauseum (as in, “Rob, thanks for the lovely article on Tim Tebow, that’s the 10th one today, and please notice the sarcasm!”)

I love the Broncos. I love writing. And I would love to start writing about the topics that the great Broncos fans here on Bleacher Report want to read the most. It’s really that simple.

I also love to research, so I promise to actually dig around and come up with a well-researched and reasonably well-analyzed answer to any questions that you may have on the Broncos.

Two, I don’t see an active mailbag here on Bleacher Report for the Denver Broncos.

Well that’s settled.

So, if you have questions or suggestions please email them to

You have my word that I will definitely keep it interesting. I will start posting responses as soon as I compile questions. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your emails.