Kimi Raikkonen: I Will Help Felipe Massa Again

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 22, 2008

Kimi Raikkonen has said he will step up to the mark and help his teammate, Felipe Massa, in Brazil if it means he will win the Driver's Championship.

Raikkonen has been somewhat of a "second man" for the last few races this year, and has said all along that he is ready and willing to help Massa win the title over Lewis Hamilton.

Last weekend, in China, saw Kimi drop back to allow Felipe past into second place to claim the two extra vital points, and in an interview with ITV he has said that he would do it again if he was required to.

“I gained the best possible result in China, considering that we couldn't fight for the win," he said.

“Once you don't fight for the title anymore for me it doesn't make a difference if I come in second or third, as long as the points for Ferrari remain the same." He told the British television channel.

“The team is fighting in both championships: I'd be glad if I could do something for Felipe, that he can win the title and Ferrari will be again victorious in the constructors' championships in the last race of the season.”

Kimi was obviously a little upset that it isn't him fighting for the title this year, but soon adjusted and is feeling rather upbeat after his recent success'.

“For once I came back home from a race with a positive feeling,” he said.

“The best part of the two races at China and Japan is that I was competitive in the qualifying again.

“The car behaves the way I like it and that's why I managed to start from the front row in Fuji and in Shanghai.”

Ferrari are leading the Constructors championship race and in order for McLaren to clinch it at the last minute a close 1-2 by the "Silver Bullets" is almost a must.

“Now we're heading to Brazil, where I had the best weekend of my life last year: I'll never forget this moment,” he said. "Going back will charge me even more I guess."

“We'll try to repeat our 1-2 win from last year and then we'll calculate the outcome of the standings and we'll see where we are in the two championships."

“I'll have the same approach as in the last two races."

“The qualifying will be fundamental and it would be nice to start from the front row once more: if this should happen, let's hope that the situation after the first corner will be different.”

Once again, we see an F1 championship come down to the last fight, will Lewis' MP4-23 have enough engine life left in it?  Will Massa's F2008 have the pace to keep up in Brazil?  One thing is for certain, no one will be able to miss it...