Terrelle Pryor: 10 NFL Teams That Could Be Interested in the Ohio State Star

Jake SilverCorrespondent IJune 1, 2011

Terrelle Pryor: 10 NFL Teams That Could Be Interested in the Ohio State Star

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    Terrelle Pryor has had an interesting run so far. He was considered one of the most highly touted, fiercely recruited high-school athletes in Pennsylvania history, and was the top football recruit of the 2008 senior class.

    Since joining the Ohio State Buckeyes, Pryor has put together a respectable college career; he came in very close second for the 2010 Big Ten Conference MVP award, and was named the MVP of the 2010 Rose Bowl.

    Recently however, things have not gone so well for Terrelle. His well publicized suspension for selling autographs and equipment, accompanied by head coach Jim Tressel's scandalous retirement have cast serious doubt on his character.

    In a league where high character players are at a premium, a 5 game suspension for his final season is not going to help Pryor's draft stock, and neither is the loss of one of the best coaches in Ohio State history.

    Also not helping Pryor is the fact that many teams addressed their future quarterback needs in the 2011 draft, and that Andrew Luck is all but certain to be the most coveted quarterback in the next one.

    Having said that, there are still a few teams out there who might find use for the versatile quarterback in the future, though it is not a stretch to say he might fall to a later round.

    Lets have a look at Pryor's possible destinations.

10. Minnesota Vikings

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    Surprised? So was I when the Vikings selected Christian Ponder at number 12 overall. The Vikings' only plan for round 1 was to address their need at the quarterback position, and the selection of Jake Locker by the Titans at number 8 put a dent in their plans.

    Not wanting their second-favorite prospect to slip away too, the Vikes reached mightily for him at number 12. The Vikings have such a solid team that it seems a long shot for any talented rookie to fail in their system, but we already know nothing is guaranteed in the NFL.

    Should Ponder prove to be an unlikely total bust, the organization may decide to start over and try again with Pryor.

9. San Fransisco 49ers

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    Last season, the Carolina Panthers drafted a promising prospect in the second round, let him ride the bench for the early season, and then threw him in when things got desperate. One top overall pick later, and he has been replaced.

    This scenario is less likely to happen in San Fransisco, but it is certainly possible. Unlike fellow second round pick Andy Dalton, Kaepernick will not get to learn from a veteran. Playing behind former bust top pick Alex Smith, Kaepernick could find himself under center before he is ready.

    If that happens, unless he delivers he could become another Jimmy Clausen as he paves the way for Terrelle Pryor.

8. Arizona Cardinals

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    This is an extremely long shot, because in all likelihood the Cardinals will either be trading for Kevin Kolb/Kyle Orton, and if they do not, it is highly likely that they end up with a pick worthy of Andrew Luck.

    However, neither Kolb nor Orton are absolutely certain to be successful, and if the Cardinals do end up having to select a quarterback in next year's draft, there is no reason not to throw Pryor's name in there.

    After all, he could shock us this season.

7. Seattle Seahawks

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    In 2010, Seattle earned the dubious honor of being the worst team to ever make the playoffs, which means that they are not considered a contender going into this year.

    It is entirely possible that Matt Hasselbeck will not be back, and if that happens the team will have to turn to Charlie Whitehurst, who has yet to prove himself.

    If the Seahawks' 2011 campaign goes horribly wrong, they may try to seek out a new signal caller in 2012, and Pryor could fit the bill.

6. Dallas Cowboys

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    Yeah, this may be a weird one, but it isn't completely far-fetched. Tony Romo has proven himself to be a great statistical quarterback, but not much else. The psuedo-phenom is running out of chances in Dallas, especially considering the current roster might be the best he has ever been on.

    If the Cowboys flop again this year, or fail to win a playoff game, they just might start thinking about Tony's long-term replacement.

    Jerry Jones loves flashy guys like Pryor.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Before you freak out, you are correct. Barring a freak turn of events, Pryor will never play a single important snap in Philly. However, Andy Reid is a master at developing quarterbacks, and Pryor fits right into the Michael Vick prototype.

    Being a team with very few holes, the Eagles may try to snag Pryor in a round below the first, develop him for a couple of seasons under Vick and Reid, and then use him as a bargaining chip, much the same as they have done with Kolb.

    After all, what is better than trading guys you don't need to get first round picks?

4. Oakland Raiders

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    The Raiders made immense progress in 2010 under the combination of Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski, though neither has cemented the starting role for himself yet.

    If the Raiders remain stagnant next year and win 7 to 9 games on the back of the running game, they may look for new prospects at quarterback, and Pryor should easily make that list.

3. Washington Redskins

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    The 'Skins have had a turbulent year at the quarterback position, to say the least. With McNabb certain to depart and only Rex Grossman and John Beck to compete for the starting role, their fans do not have much to look forward to.

    If they do as poorly as they are projected to and fail to trade for Orton or Kolb, they may pull the trigger on drafting Pryor, provided they don't end up with the number 1 pick that is.

2. Buffalo Bills

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    With their actions in the 2011 draft, the Bills front office said they believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick. They didn't say for what though.

    Many believed that the Bills were the most likely destination for Cam Newton until the Panthers decided he was their guy. The idea was that Ryan Fitzpatrick could teach him the ropes and mentor him for 2 or 3 seasons until the more athletic younger quarterback could take the reigns.

    The same thing could happen with Terrelle Pryor, who is a similar type of player to Newton. The Bills may draft him to sit and learn the offense under Fitzpatrick while he matures, and then unleash him to the league down the road. This would be a smart play by the Bills front office.

1. Miami Dolphins

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    The Dolphins are in desperate need of a new signal caller. Chad Henne clearly isn't the answer, and they don't really have anyone else that can run the offense either. 

    Pryor fits with the Dolphins' current offensive philosophy, though after this year there is likely to be a change in regime. Having said that, new regimes mean new quarterbacks, and Pryor could be just what the doctor ordered in Miami, especially if the new regime adopts any of the old schemes.

    The front office clearly likes athletic quarterbacks who are able to run; the only reason Henne has the job is because the Pat White experiment was a complete failure.

    If, by some miracle Tony Sparano is still the coach after next season, it should be almost a sure thing that the team will go after Pryor.