Is Pro-Wrestling a Sport?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 22, 2008

Some of you have seen wrestling, some of you have not seen it. But what constantly is debated on any sports site has always been is pro-wrestling a sport?

I am here to tell you it is, and it may be something some of you never thought about. See as a fan of just about every sport out there, I have noticed while watching wrestling I am into it as much as any sport of TV or at any game that I attend.

I can honestly say that wrestling is choreographed, and some of it is not always as real as it seems. When you get kicked in the gut, the man kicking pulls back a bit, but still kicks him, just where it doesn't hurt that much.

It's sort of like a dance, where you have moves you learn, and when you learn them you put them in matches and its put in front of an audience. I honestly thought Stacy Keibler did so well on Dancing with the Stars because she was a wrestler and athlete. Because it is just like a dance, choreographed, and planned out.

But to that point, it may not seem like a sport. Until you realize that even though it is choreographed, and planned as I mentioned, you have no idea who the winner will be. Sure you have an idea or guess of who will win, but you really don't know.

Just like in any sport, like football, baseball, basketball, etc. See you have no idea who will win it either, an just like wrestling you may have a guess of who will win, but it could be either one of them.

I think wrestling is the placebo to sports, its just like a sport in every way, like a placebo is to medicine. It looks like a pill acts like a pill, and you take it and you believe it works, just like wrestling. We watch it, and it is just like any other sport, when it seems different.

Sure you watch it and like it, but is it just like basketball or football? Just like a plecebo, you can't tell a difference. When you watch it, it will always be the same, just not. Surely people who understand wrestling can tell you that.

People who have never seen a wrestling match judge it, and say its fake because they heard it was. When in all actuality they have never known one bit about it. If they were to watch it and actually see an entire show, they would see it as any other sport.

See as a sports writer I have seen many sports such as MMA, boxing, and others. That are sort of the same as wrestling, yes you have differences in them, but still they are all fighting sports.

I watch them and then watch wrestling and enjoy wrestling as much as a boxing match or MMA fight, and why? Because its just another sport, all the same things involved, the action, climax, and drama that all sports provide.

But I have got to ask what you think, should you after reading this call wrestling a sport?