Jim Tressel Resigns: Who Is the Best Man for the Job?

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IMay 31, 2011

COLUMBUS, OH - MARCH 30:  Head Coach Jim Tressel listens to a member of the media during a press conference before the start of Spring practices at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center at The Ohio State University on March 30, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Yesterday, Jim Tressel resigned and not to get into the particulars.

Bottom line, he needed to either be fired or he needed to resign (sorry to all of you Ohio State fans).

Tressel was either going to be forced out or forced to resign, and while his resignation comes as a surprise to all, it wasn't exactly out of the question.

Now the question has to be asked, who is going to succeed him?

Tressel did an amazing job as the head coach for the Buckeyes, and there is no doubt that he will be offered a job soon enough, but his old job is up for the taking and there are plenty of suitors and likely head coaches for the job.

Here are some potential suitors who would be willing to succeed Tressel.


Mike Stoops: Head Coach, Arizona Wildcats

 Stoops is from the area having been born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio.

While he played at Iowa and would later go on to coach for Iowa, Kansas State and Oklahoma before taking the head coaching job at Arizona, he could possibly be a candidate for the Buckeyes for his knowledge of the program and the area for recruiting.

Mike Stoops finally had breakout season for Arizona in 2008 when he led the team to an 8-5 record, which is saying a lot when you consider that Arizona is primarily a basketball school.

Stoops would bring a defensive mentality to the program, which would be much needed.


Bob Stoops: Head Coach, Oklahoma Sooners

 This pick, much like his brother's, is due in part because he was also born in Youngstown, Ohio and has been a mainstay in college football for some time now.

The only problem with this choice is that Stoops will have the preseason No. 1-ranked team in the country, and they will have a very good chance at making the national championship game and winning it.

So, why would he want to leave such a prestigious program?

Simply put, Ohio State is one of the crown jewels in college football, and it is one of the top-notch jobs that coaches dream about. With that being said, it would be hard to see Bob Stoops leave Oklahoma for Ohio State because he has the potential of adding another national championship to his belt.


Bo Pelini: Head Coach, Nebraska Cornhuskers

 Pelini, just like the Stoops brothers, was also born in Youngstown, Ohio, but unlike the Stoops brother, Pelini played at Ohio State. He's a no-nonsense type of coach who has resurrected the Nebraska program to the brink of being a powerhouse again.

Still, it would be hard to see Pelini walk away from a program with so much going for it right now.

Pelini has the potential to win national championships with Nebraska.


Mark Stoops: Defensive Coordinator, Florida State Seminoles

 This may be a little premature, but Stoops has been known as a great defensive mind for some time. Another native of Youngstown, he deserves to be a head coach, but he still needs some time to develop into head coach material.

With that being said, it would be most likely that Ohio State would look for someone with head coaching experience, and success at that position.

Stoops isn't quite ready for this type of position, but that doesn't rule him out either.


Urban Meyer: Former Head Coach, Florida Gators

While Urban Meyer just resigned, by no means does that mean he is completely against coaching. This only means that he wanted to take some time off to look over his opportunities and to get his health back.

That being said, he's a native of Toledo, Ohio. He played his college ball at Cincinnati and he started his coaching career at Ohio State.

So, why wouldn't he entertain the thought of coaching for his hometown Buckeyes?

Just think of what Meyer could do with Terrelle Pryor. He's known for molding mobile quarterbacks and quite frankly, if he was still coaching he would be widely known as one of the best in the business.


The possibilities are endless and this list is just speculation, but Ohio State is going to want someone close to the program and someone who will continue to have success right away with the players available.