Should Red Sox or Yankee Fans Care Who Wins the World Series?

Luke HarkeyContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Rivalries aside, there is a time to consider what it would mean to the division and the league to have an A.L. East team win it all. 

Maybe it would help to use another well-known sports rivalry to make my point.  Consider the rivalry in college basketball between Duke and Carolina; Tar Heel fans cheer against Duke in the NCAA (and vice versa), even though a victory by another conference team in the tournament would be good for their team as well.

During the Olympics, there were Tar Heel fans cheering for Russia against the USA because they didn't want Coach K to succeed. Can you imagine cheering against your own country on the international stage? It has happened.

Back to the rivalries in Major league Baseball. Does it ever seem to you that the rivalries get out of hand?  In sports, as in life, there is such a thing as perspective, even amongst fierce rivals like the Yankees and the Red Sox.

American League fans cheered at the All-Star Game when Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, and all the other A.L. representatives worked together to win the game in dramatic fashion, and more importantly, to win home-field advantage in the World Series yet again.  

It may be hard to swallow for us as Red Sox or Yankee fans, but deep down, don't we want to see the American League East win the series (as another writer on Bleacher Report has pointed out) for the ninth time in the past 17 years—more than the entire N.L. combined!