Does the title of Sports Writer make you an expert!

Leo DonelonCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

           I have written two articles on sports so by definition I am now a Sports Writer. Being a physical education major and taking all weight lifting courses offered at the time at LSU did not make me an expert on weight lifting, although it would qualify me as knowledgeable.

           In football even long accomplished coaches don’t know all there is. Coach Tuberville brought in a coach to install the West Coast offence, and by the out come it may be inferred that his choice of coaches may not have been the best. His choice was based on what he knew of the West Coast offense.

           I will never forget a Saints game when Richard Todd was quarterback that the crowd was calling for his head. They were blaming everything on Todd. What was missed was that the right guard of the game was getting beat on almost every play. The reports before the game mentioned how the Saints had picked up a right guard on waivers, because the first and second-string right guards were hurt. When Todd would pivot from under center he was getting tackled about every fourth play, and had little time on the others plays. It was interesting that few if any articles were written about that, but there were articles about Todd’s poor play!

             I know many of sports writers could show me how to improve this article, and that council would be valid and received as expert advice. For their skill is writing!


            I guess to take a page from a definition of writing, that the title should be descriptive. It comes down to that a definition. Sports Writers are writers that write about sports. The expertise in that is writing.