WWE: The Miz and 10 Potential Storylines for the Former Champ After Quitting

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJune 1, 2011

WWE: The Miz and 10 Potential Storylines for the Former Champ After Quitting

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    After losing an "I Quit" Match to John Cena at WWE Over the Limit a couple of weeks ago, The Miz has officially moved on from the WWE championship scene.

    And, with the way he's been booked on the last two episodes of Raw, it seems that he's headed for a feud with Alex Riley, one that is designed to get his former protege over as a babyface on the Raw brand.

    That's all fine and dandy. In fact, I really like it to so far.

    But sooner or later, the feud between The Miz and Riley will be over, and the creative team will have to come up with yet another rivalry for the "most must-see champion in WWE history."

    Well, allow me to do the creative team's job for them. Here are 10 potential storylines for the former reality star and WWE champion, The Miz.

10. A Reunion with John Morrison

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    If there was a pecking order for anything and everything involving the WWE, I'd say that the tag team division is somewhere below its wrestlers' Twitter accounts.

    So, seeing any improvement there is certainly a long shot.

    But I, like many others, have always thought that John Morrison is much more effective—especially on the mic—as a heel, and it's no secret that the WWE tag team division would benefit from having an established, veteran tag team like Miz and Morrison.

    If I'm booking Morrison's return, I have The Miz defeat Evan Bourne on an episode of Raw, then begin to beat him down after the match. Morrison will then run down the ramp, while everyone assumes he's going to help out Bourne.

    But alas, JoMo stops, smiles at the fans and begins to beat the crap out of Bourne. The Miz will look confused and Morrison will leave without saying a word, but there you have it: the beginning of the reunion of Miz and Morrison.

9. An Actual Feud with Zack Ryder

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    Especially over the last several weeks, John Cena has appeared in random, short, backstage segments alongside everyone's favorite Internet Champion, Zack Ryder.

    It hasn't really led anywhere, but it could if The Miz gets involved.

    I'd book the start of this Ryder/Miz feud this way: Cena and Ryder are talking about some nonsense backstage when The Miz walks by after having just lost a match by roll-up to someone like Santino Marella. 

    Cena and Ryder will then look at The Miz and laugh at what just happened. The Miz turns around and says, "What are you laughing at, Cena? I've already beaten you before." Then he looks at Ryder and says, "And you? You're so worthless that you can't even get a match on Raw."

    The Anonymous Raw GM then chimes in and announces Zack Ryder and John Cena vs. The Miz and R-Truth (who Cena's feuding with) as the main event for next week's show, igniting a feud between Ryder and The Miz that is sure to please plenty of people in the IWC.

8. The Miz and Michael Cole Help Turn Jack Swagger Face

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    Take a look at what The Miz and Michael Cole have been able to do for the face push of Alex Riley in just a two-week span, and imagine what they could do for Jack Swagger.

    Raw's extremely heavy on the heel side, and Swagger's heel act is getting old as of late.

    So, why not have the GM book a match for The Miz to "take out his frustrations" prior to his (likely) bout with Riley at Capitol Punishment? A match against Swagger.

    But, before the match can even take place, Cole will do something similar to what he did with Riley. He'll try to force Swagger to apologize for turning his back on him and for thinking he's good enough to beat The Miz.

    Swagger will then attack Cole, knock him out and then beat down The Miz, drawing a huge pop from the crowd.

    Instantly, Swagger will become a big face on the Raw brand, much like Riley seems to be doing.

7. The Miz, the Bully

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    When The Miz won the WWE championship, he talked about how, initially, no one took him seriously and how he was often bullied backstage, especially by JBL.

    Well, now it's time for the Miz to go from being bullied to bullying.

    Frustrated that he's not in the WWE title picture and continues to lose to Alex Riley, The Miz will begin taking out his aggressions on the weaklings or jobbers of the WWE.

    Week in and week out, he will beat the holy hell out of guys like Evan Bourne, Curt Hawkins, Trent Barreta, Primo, etc.

    The Miz will then cut promos about how it feels good to be the bully for once, and this will open the door to plenty of potential feuds with some of the bigger babyfaces in the WWE.

6. The Miz vs. the Rock

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    Don't get your hopes up, because I'm not talking about a match between The Miz and The Rock—that would take too much away from The Rock and John Cena's match at WrestleMania 28.

    But I am talking about some sort of angle between The Miz and The Rock that will eventually culminate at SummerSlam.

    This has actually been rumored before, and I could certainly see it happening.

    Perhaps the creative team could have The Miz win his feud with Alex Riley and then brag about how he's beaten everyone there is to beat on the Raw brand (John Morrison, John Cena, R-Truth, Randy Orton, etc.) at some point or another over the past two years.

    On Raw, he'll say he wants a new challenge, and out will come The Rock to a massive pop. A tremendous promo exchange between the two will then lead to some sort of angle between The Miz and The Rock, possibly with The Rock working as the special guest referee of The Miz's SummerSlam match.

5. Send the Miz to SmackDown

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    As evidenced by Alex Riley being "drafted" to SmackDown and then re-signed to Raw last night, the WWE creative team apparently doesn't feel the need to explain how wrestlers can randomly and abruptly jump brands.

    So, you know what? Neither do I.

    But the truth is, SmackDown really needs some star power—especially on the heel side—and The Miz would provide a huge lift to the blue brand. His departure from an already heel-heavy Raw wouldn't do much damage to Monday nights either.

    Therefore, I'd book The Miz to be shipped to the blue brand—through trade, signing or whatever—and work with some of the top faces on SmackDown, such as Christian and Sin Cara.

4. The Miz vs. Triple H at SummerSlam

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    Triple H has gone on record saying that he only views himself as a "special attraction" wrestler at this point in his career.

    Well, the WWE's two biggest "special attractions" are SummerSlam and WrestleMania, so I'd make sure to have Triple H wrestle strictly at both of those pay-per-views until he retires.

    That way, his feuds will seem like a big deal. And a return feud with The Miz would be a huge draw for the WWE.

    You have one Superstar who's one of the most over heels in the business (Miz) and one who hardly ever appears in a WWE ring (Triple H).

    I'm honestly not even worried about the specifics of how this feud is booked. As long as the creative team has any brainpower whatsoever, a Miz/Triple H feud would almost certainly work. 

3. The Miz as the Leader of a New Stable

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    Of all the lost arts in professional wrestling, at the top of my list are stables. Well, good ones at least.

    Sure, we have the new Nexus and The Corre, but they've been more disappointing than Christian's world title run.

    We need to see a stable that both sticks around and actually accomplishes something. And, of course, every faction needs a guy who knows how to talk.

    Someone like The Miz.

    Perhaps tying into his past as the recipient of backstage bullying, The Miz could lead a group of wrestlers who feel like they've been overlooked and unappreciated in the WWE.

    My perfect stable has four wrestlers, so I'd have The Miz as the world title guy, Drew McIntyre as the US/IC title contender and perhaps the Usos or some combination of guys like Curt Hawkins, Ted DiBiase and Tyson Kidd as the tag team. 

2. Dolph Ziggler as the Miz's New Protege

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    For most of Alex Riley's pairing with The Miz, he was booked like a loser, a moron, a total d-bag.

    But in the end, the pairing seems to have paid off because it looks like Riley is being established as a new star on the Raw brand.

    So, why not give The Miz another go-round with a protege? Why not let him take Dolph Ziggler under his wing?

    I mean, Ziggler's not really doing much of note right now—a rehashed feud for a different mid-card title with Kofi Kingston doesn't count—and he's not exactly the strongest mic worker we've ever seen.

    Maybe we could see Ziggler ditch Vickie Guerrero after a fight, and The Miz will then take over and groom Ziggler as his new protege.

    Ziggler will then learn how to speak at a main-event level, the two stars can wrestle as a tag team at times and perhaps Ziggler can be elevated to the world title scene, either alongside Miz or after splitting from him. 

1. Chris Jericho's Return Feud

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    We don't know if or when Chris Jericho will return to the WWE, but many of us expect him to be back at some point in 2011.

    And, with such a lengthy absence from WWE programming, there's almost no way that Jericho can be brought back as a heel. The crowd will cheer him way too much for that.

    So, if/when we see Jericho again, I think we'll see him as a face, even if it is just briefly.

    Jericho's recently gone on record saying that he'll be a different character during his next WWE run, and I can think of no better heel opponent for a face Jericho than The Miz.

    Two guys who really know how to work the mic would make for great TV, and a match between the two at SummerSlam would be a nice sell for wrestling fans.