Redskins Rookie Head Coach Jim Zorn Proves to Be "Super Smart"

Justin DixonContributor IOctober 20, 2016

Emerging quarterback Jason Campbell tweaks his groin early in the first quarter, so rookie head coach Jim Zorn turned to his running game to carry the load. Clinton Portis and the offensive line responded with a dominate performance in which Clinton Portis rushed for 175 yards. So much for the West Coast offense huh?

Zorn called another great game, just as he has the previous 6 weeks. He finds the weakness in a defense throughout the game and in the fourth quarter his Washington Redskins usually find a way to win. Zorn is very in touch with his team and knows whats going to work on any given day. He has done an outstanding job of adjusting his play calling throughout games so far this season.

Coach Zorn's work with Jason Campbell this offseason has proved to be very beneficial to the young QB and the team. His love of teaching along with his wacky drills seem to be very successful thus far when you look at Campbell's numbers. Campbell is the only starting QB in the NFL that has yet to throw an interception, and his fumbles in the pocket are way down compared to last year. Also, the pocket presence of this young QB is much improved as he has been able to escape pressure and look down field, sometimes to his third or fourth read, to complete a pass.

Coach Zorn's ability to adjust have proven that he is a very capable head coach and play caller and I don't see him being a one year wonder. Although this year he's given the team a spark with his new style of offense that he has brought to the nation's capital and he will need to find a way to keep things exciting in the future. I'm sure he will figure it out. As Joe Gibbs would say, "He's super smart."