Plain and Simple: Why a Lebron, Wade, and Bosh Miami Title Will Not Mean Much

Brendan Millhouser@@ChiBdmContributor IIMay 31, 2011

Giant Chunk of the Eastern Conference All-Star Team
Giant Chunk of the Eastern Conference All-Star TeamHannah Foslien/Getty Images

Here is the bare-bones, just the facts ma'am version of why the Miami Heat winning a championship should be considered on the low end of actual achievement.  

Too many thoughts have been thrown out into the public realm.  Too many excuses.  Too much hate.  Also, absolutely no one to point out what was faulty in each argument.  That includes those on both sides of the issue.

I will lay it out here.  I will read your responses.  And then, I will see if there is a chance that I may reconsider.  Probably not, but I welcome the debate.  

Reasons a Miami Heat Championship does not mean much, and was a cynical move:

1.  The obvious one.  Three superstars join forces in one free agent period.  All three free agents - yes, Wade was, too. Lebron almost took a Cleveland team that was pretty awful around him to an NBA Championship the year before. Now, he had another top-five superstar and a franchise player around him.  Also, Mike Miller was signed.  Hard to fail there.  

2.  Boston's Big Three is not even relevant to the conversation.  They were the results of trades. They were at the end of their primes, if not on the downside.  The organization put that team together.  It wasn't a friendship.  Even if Boston had the benefit of some one-sided trades, they still had to make the moves.  They still had to put their players on the trading block.  They had to create their good fortune.  Yes, Pat Riley is an awesome basketball mind.  But honestly, this made his job easy.

3. It's irritating to realize that it did not matter where these guys all got together—apparently as long as it wasn't Cleveland—as long as they were indeed, together.  It feels so false to hear Lebron and Bosh talk about the fans and the city and whatever other regional things make them feel good. Don't get me wrong, they have to do it.  And I'm sure now they do like a lot of things about the city.

In general, they didn't care.  They just wanted to stack the deck wherever they could all agree to do it.  Miami is really not a very good basketball city.  There were actual graphics on the website that had to instruct fans to cheer and show up on time.  Anyone in America would seemingly be in absolute wonder if they were able to sit in those seats, even if they weren't fans.  

This is only referring to the masses.  In fact, I am blown away by the enthusiasm of the Miami fans during the playoffs.  But in general, most cities would have shown a hell of a lot more.  Not just those in the Arena.  If you are a dedicated Heat fan, this isn't meant for you.   

 4.  The "Jordan had Pippen Excuse." This really has no validity.  Pippen was drafted.  The team grew organically.  In fact, Rodman seems like the only splash they made in free agency during MJ's reign.  In reality, when you get past the Jordan glitz and glamour, this Heat team is way more talented as a unit compared to its peers than the Jordan ones.  Think about it.  The Heat have only lost 3 games so far in the playoffs.

And now they will only get better.

I'm trying to think of all the other reasons as to why this team winning a title should be just as significant as others.

I've heard some counter with the fact that it's been great for the NBA's popularity.  Yep, sure has been.  But that doesn't add even an ounce of validity to the actual championship.  I have heard that the scrutiny has been awful, and that they have had to endure a lot.  

They sure have.

However, its still Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh on the floor.  It's not as if their talent was going to disappear.

I've heard that Cleveland left him no options.  That he had to leave to win.  Maybe he did.  Maybe he didn't care about the media's obsession with him being the next Jordan.  Maybe he shouldn't. But there is a reason why even lesser superstars have not pulled this move.  It just feels cheap.  

He couldn't even just pair with one incredible superstar.  He had to pair with two.

Did he need a virtual guarantee?

Put this guy on ANY team and he will make them an upper level team.

I won't continue.  Championships should come easy. There really isn't a team that will be able to compete.  They knew this when they put the team together.  It just seems too easy.  

All championships are different.  When they win this one, it will not mean a whole lot.  They will have proven that three superstars can win.

Did we really need to know that?  

Then there are the people going around saying that it "turns out that Lebron was right." Just because he looks like he will be victorious.

That isn't even an argument.  Of course he was going to have massive success.  Anyone who thought that the Heat would not be great were crazy.  I may have been the only one who thought that Van Gundy was not far off base in his assessment that they would win more than 72 games.  Next year, if they want to, I bet they can achieve that.  But I also know that they are not going to kill themselves to get that accomplishment.  It's playoff success or bust.

But no.  The fact that they are winning doesn't mean anything.  It's the obvious outcome. Its more of a distractor than an argument.

This was just a quick post to put some of these thoughts to rest.  I will read your arguments with an open mind.  But please, use logical arguments that I have not debunked.  Or explain how I am remiss in the logic.

Let's have a good discussion.

Notes: I have posted this on the Miami Team site. So I expect mostly Heat fans to speak up.  It may skew the poll a bit.  But that's who I'd rather hear from.


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